LED Pool Lights: The Best Pool Lighting Option

It’s the first of July, which means endless fun in the sun, and relaxing nighttime swims in the pool. Those night swims can be awesome, and even better when the pool is lit up at night. For those night swims when the sun goes down, KB Electric LLC recommends LED pool lights for your swimming pool. Illuminate your pool’s water with different color options, while saving money in the process. Let’s take a closer look at the best pool lighting option we like to call LEDs.


LED pool lights


Why Should I Buy LED Pool Lights?

If you have an existing swimming pool that needs new underwater fixtures, or you are building a new swimming pool, LED pool lights are your best bet for energy efficiency, brightness, customization, longterm cost, and a longer-lasting lighting source. 


  1. Energy Efficiency

When it comes to lighting sources, LEDs are more energy efficient than their counterparts (incandescents, CFLs, halogens, etc.). Because of this, LED pool lighting is a no-brainer for illuminating your swimming pool’s water, as well as your swimming pool area. Less energy also means less heat, which in turn means a safe and longer-lasting pool lighting option. 


  1. Brightness

LEDs are BRIGHT! For this reason, you probably won’t need many LED pool lighting fixtures (depending on your pool’s size) to illuminate the entire swimming pool. Less fixtures also means less money spent on fixtures/bulbs, and a lower utility bill because LEDs produce less energy!


  1. Long Lasting

Your old swimming pool lights probably saw a lot of bulb changes. LED pool lights can last 6 times longer (30,000+ hours) than your incandescents.


  1. Customization

LED pool lights come in many different color options. And now with automation, there are LED pool fixtures on the market that can change colors! Talk about customization! Why settle for just one color when your water can be lit up in multiple colors?


  1. Cost Efficient

Using less energy with LEDs means less money on the utility bill. It also mean you may need fewer fixtures than incandescents because they are brighter. Sure, the up front cost may be more, but the long-term cost over time is less. LED pool lights just make the most sense for the buck also because they last longer than their counterparts, which means less bulb changes. 


Hire a Licensed Electrician For The Installation Of LED Pool Lights

KB Electric LLC can install any swimming pool light fixture for you. Whether you are replacing an old fixture, or need an entirely new installation, our swimming pool electricians can help!

Why should you hire a licensed electrician? Well, it’s simple. Licensed and insured electricians like the ones at KB Electric LLC are versed in the NEC (National Electric Code), have the field experience for wiring anything electrical, and have the tools necessary to do the job right the first time.

Call KB Electric LLC today for the installation of your LED pool lights! We are located in Collegeville and Pottstown, PA, and serve all of Montgomery County, PA along with Chester, Bucks, Berks, Delaware, and Philadelphia Counties. (267) 467-3178