LED Wall Pack Installation Benefits: Montgomery County PA Electrician

Do you want advice from a licensed PA electrician on how to save on energy costs for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place. KB Electric LLC is based in Montgomery County, PA and serves all of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties. Take it from us to give you sound advice when it comes to replacing your existing commercial lighting with LEDs. Don’t know where to start? How about with a LED wall pack installation for the exterior of your property. Let’s explore the benefits of LED wall packs, and why hiring a licensed electrician for installation is best.

What is a LED wall pack?

LED wall packs are commercial light fixtures typically installed on the exterior walls of commercial buildings and garages, as well as for parking lots. LED wall pack fixtures provide lighting around the perimeter of a business for security, as well as for general illumination when it gets dark for foot traffic and vehicles.  

Pictured below, you’ll see a LED wall pack installation completed by KB Electric LLC for the Perfect Pooch located in King of Prussia, PA. 


LED Wall Pack Installation

LED Wall Pack Installation – Replacement of old Halide


Businesses well suited for LED wall packs

  • Schools
  • Firehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate buildings (offices, etc.)
  • Industrial buildings (manufacturing plants, etc.)
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Storage facilities

…and many more.


Benefits of LED Wall Pack Installation


  • Long-Lasting

LED wall pack fixtures can last up to 100,000 hours as opposed to around 10,000 hours with the metal halide type. 

  • Energy efficient

Because LEDs emit almost no heat, they can save on energy costs of up to 80%.

  • Not made with any toxic chemicals

Unlike metal halide fixtures, LED wall packs don’t contain mercury, so they are easy to dispose of, and are environmental friendly.

  • Reduce costs on maintenance

Because LED wall pack fixtures are long lasting and produce light differently than HID fixtures (metal halide/high pressure sodium lights), you can reduce the tiring maintenance costs of swapping out bulbs and parts. HID fixtures that use metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs don’t last nearly as long as the LED wall packs as mentioned in the first point. This means your costs of maintaining and replacing bulbs and parts for HID fixtures are greatly higher.

  • Better Quality of Light

LEDs have a great CRI (Color Rendering Index) compared to other light sources. This means that the light that LEDs emit shows an object’s colors more accurately to what they look like under natural sunlight. The light that the LED wall packs emit is also more directional for wherever the light is most needed, when compared to light emitted from HID fixtures. LEDs are known for distributing light more evenly as well.


Hire An Electrician For LED Wall Pack Installation

Cutting energy costs and minimizing maintenance costs for your business can start with your outside lighting. Specifically, you can make the switch from HID wall packs to LED wall packs. Don’t let your maintenance guy or handy man onsite be the one to do the installation though. Hire a licensed electrician for the knowledge and experience, correct tools for the job, and for proper installation the first time.