Montgomery County, PA Will Switch To 100% Renewable Energy


Now and then, we like to blog about current events and local happenings about electricity and energy. So we stumbled upon this recent article and wanted to share it with you all since KB Electric LLC is based in Montgomery County, PA. After a 2-1 vote by the Montgomery County Commissioners, it was decided that Montgomery County will switch to ALL wind power for its electricity. 

In an effort to tackle the long debate of climate change, every county-owned building in Montco will have wind-generated electricity. Montgomery County will also implement 100 percent renewable energy for heating county-owned buildings, and for powering county-owned vehicles by 2050.

While higher tax payer dollars was a topic of concern from one Commissioner during the meeting, it was stated by the two who voted on the change that “wind-generated power will save the county a significant amount. The cost will be $24,000 per year, but wind power will save the county $700,000 over the next three years.” The $24,000 cost to switch over is 1.4% of the county’s electrical costs as well. 

This electricity change to 100% wind power is only one portion of Montco’s efforts for sustainability that began in 2007. So far, Montgomery County, PA has implemented:

  • Installation of 4 electrical vehicle charging stations at One Montgomery Plaza.
  • Installation of a geothermal system at the Peter Wentz Farmstead (reduced the electricity bill by 56.8%).
  • Installation of a wood-fired boiler at Green Lane Park (creating a yearly savings of $9,500 and $12,000). 
  • Funding provided for 13 municipalities for upgrading traffic lights for energy efficiency.
  • …others stated here:


While KB Electric doesn’t agree or disagree with the vote, we wanted to bring the news to our customers because renewable energy is gaining speed, and becoming a part of our daily lives now in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Read one of our blogs on wind energy to learn more.