Moonlighting: The Landscape Lighting Idea Worth Knowing About

There are so many landscape lighting techniques out there that can be incorporated outdoors for your home or business. The idea is to incorporate multiple landscape lighting ideas on your property to really highlight the features and aspects of your landscape. Moonlighting is one of them. 


What is Moonlighting?

This landscape lighting concept is similar to downlighting. The difference being that moonlighting is not as bright as downlighting, and the technique is typically just done in high trees, creating the effect of the moon’s light. The light shines down through your trees to highlight certain areas below with a shadowing effect that mimics the light of the moon.


How Does Moonlighting Work For Landscape Lighting?

If your property has really high and large trees, this lighting technique will work great. By mounting light fixtures strategically high up and angled downwards, you can create the effect of the moon’s light to highlight walkways, shrubbery, plants, etc. with a shadowy touch. 

To get the most of out this type of landscape lighting, its best to have the light fixtures installed at least 20-25 feet high. This technique also works best for highlighting a hardscape, like a patio, driveway, walkway, etc.


LEDs Are Best For Moonlighting

Because LED lighting fixtures last considerably longer than their counterparts (incandescent, CFL, etc.), it’s best to use LEDs so you aren’t constantly changing the bulbs. Be careful not to use too bright of a LED light though. This will not be mimicking the natural light of the moon.


Hiring a Licensed Electrician For Moonlighting Landscape Lighting

The best way to achieve the effect of moonlight on your property is to hire a licensed electrician for installation. An electrician has the proper tools and wiring knowledge to set the light fixtures just right in your trees. Electricians also know the best color temperature for the LED light fixtures to maintain the moonlight look and feel. 

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