Mounting Blocks: Why To Replace Them To Install Bigger Light Fixtures

KB Electric LLC gets a lot of phone calls for replacing exterior light fixtures. Whether it’s updating your design to a more modern look, or a simple replacement due to years worth of wear and tear damage, our electricians replace and install many different exterior light fixtures on a weekly basis. We recently did a job the other day that required us to replace a homeowner’s mounting blocks with their new light fixtures. Let’s take a closer look as to why the mounting block replacement was performed for a superior exterior light fixture installation.


What Is a Mounting Block?

When installing exterior light fixtures, house numbers, or mailboxes onto a house with vinyl siding, a homeowner will need something called a mounting block. Mounting blocks are installed right on top of the vinyl siding to provide a level, flat surface for any type of fixture. These blocks come in many different styles, sizes, and shapes to accommodate your specific light fixture’s base. 


Why Is It Important To Replace My Mounting Blocks?

If you are going from a bigger light fixture base from a smaller one, there’s a chance that your existing mounting block might need to be replaced for a bigger one as well. This is because of two things:

  1. Safety

  2. Aesthetic Appeal


The pictures below demonstrate why we used bigger mounting blocks for the homeowner’s new light fixtures on the side of his house. These new light fixtures that he purchased have large bases. For safety measures, the larger mounting blocks omit gaps, eliminating the chance for water to come in behind the fixture, which can damage it.

Sure, we could have just caulked and sealed on the smaller mounting block so water wouldn’t get in, but it doesn’t look as nice as with one that fits better for the fixture. This goes with number 2, aesthetic appeal. Your exterior light fixtures look more presentable on the bigger mounting blocks if you have larger exterior fixture bases.


mounting blocks and exterior lighting installation


Hire A Licensed Electrician For Mounting Block and Exterior Lighting Installation 

Need a professional to install mounting blocks and exterior light fixtures on the vinyl siding of your home? It’s time to call a licensed and insured electrician. Call KB Electric LLC today for professional, clean, quality service that puts a smile on your face every time. 🙂 267-467-3178