Outdoor Garage Lights: Types Of Fixtures And Hiring An Electrician

Last week, one of our electricians at KB Electric LLC installed exterior wall sconces on the outside wall of a customer’s garage. We decided that today would be the day to blog about different types of outdoor garage lights and why hiring an electrician is the safe and best option for exterior garage lighting installation. Let’s get started!



Types Of Outdoor Garage Light Fixtures


Wall Sconce

A wall sconce is any type of lighting fixture that uses the wall for its support. They can come in varying types like:

  • Flush Mount

This type of fixture sits flush against the wall.


exterior flush mount garage lights

outdoor flush mount garage lights


  • Semi-Flush Mount

This type of fixture usually has a gap between the fixture and the wall, usually with a fixture arm.


semi flush outdoor garage lighting

semi flush exterior garage lighting


  • Bulkhead

This type of fixture is a flush mount, but has an industrial look and feel. Some of these lights have a cage-like style, and mimic lighting found on ships. 


Hanging Lantern

A hanging lantern fixture is a lantern style light utilizing a hanging arm. This fixture can also be considered a semi-flush mount fixture.

Barn Light

A barn light can also be considered a semi-flush wall mount fixture and resembles just as it sounds: a barn light.


A floodlight is another popular and common exterior garage fixture. These types of fixtures provide a broad range of light over a big area and are more commonly used as a security light with a motion sensor.


floodlight garage light

floodlight garage light



Motion-sensing light fixtures can be any of the exterior light fixture types listed above if they have a motion sensor attached. When it is dark outside and motion is detected, the light on the fixture will turn ON and then turn OFF after an alloted period of time when the motion has ceased.


Styles Of Outdoor Garage Lights

All of the types of outdoor garage lights listed above come in many different styles, with some having their own specific style:

  • Rustic: Vintage style

  • Industrial: Heavy-duty look and feel, similar style seen in industry and commercial buildings.

  • Modern: Clean, sophisticated, longer-lasting look.

  • Farmhouse: Country-style lighting that is typically your barn light type fixture, but can also be a lantern, flush, or semi-flush type.

  • Classic/Traditional: Formal type of style, with intricate details and more decorative features.

  • Coastal: Beachy-feel, with natural tones. Usually the cage-like look of the bulkhead light fixtures.

  • Contemporary: Present and futuristic style that changes over time, typically simplistic and sleek.


Who Can Install Outdoor Garage Lights?

Trust a licensed and insured electrician with experience to install and wire your new outdoor garage lights. An electrician knows the ins and outs of wiring everything electrical, and should be the professional to install exterior garage lighting. A licensed electrician will be able to mount and wire the garage light correctly with an existing or new light switch, on a timer, with a motion sensor, or a combination of the three.

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