Outdoor Lamp Posts: The Benefits

Daylight savings time ends just under a month away (November 6, 2016). This means the sun will set earlier, leaving you in the dark when pulling into the driveway after a long work day. What better way to bring some light into the darkness with outdoor lamp posts!


Picture this scenario: you have a black on black pug, and it’s a little after six o’clock in the evening. She’s doing her typical patrol of the front yard. After a few minutes go by, it’s now just dark enough that you can’t see your hand in front of your face. She gets lost in the thicket of your shrubbery, and you lose her! If only you had a few outdoor lamp posts to shine some light on your yard!


Many of us experience a time or two when we wish we could see our property a little better at night. Outdoor lamp posts are a great landscape lighting addition near the bottom of your driveway for so many reasons. Let’s explore the endless benefits of adding an outdoor lamp post in your front yard.


outdoor lamp posts


Benefits of Outdoor Post Lamps

  1. Visibility When Pulling into Your Driveway

We can all agree that it’s very cumbersome driving on dark roads without street lights, especially for the older folk whose eyes are aging (with grace). Pulling into your driveway at night becomes habit. We know where to swerve, and what car to avoid on the side; however, stuff happens. For instance, your son forgot to put his bike away. And, BAM! A nice dent on the side of your car to take care of in the morning.


Outdoor lamp posts shine a nice spectrum of light around a large area, illuminating your son’s bike before carelessly speeding into the driveway to make it home in time for dinner. Just saying, stuff happens. And putting some extra light into perspective, literally, will help!


  1. Visibility For People Walking Up To Your House

Don’t be those people who force their friends and family to turn the flashlights on their iPhones just to get to your front door. Outdoor lamp posts shine the light on your expected guests, or even the unexpected “drop-ins” as we like to call them. Either way, expecting company or not, it’s always an option to add a lamp post for outdoor lighting on your property to avoid an unexpected lawsuit with a trip and fall. 🙂


  1. Great Landmark For Your House

It’s way easier to find your house with outdoor lamp posts. Not only will it be easy for your guests to pull into your driveway (if applicable), but new guests will have an easier time finding your home. “It’s the one with the two big lamp posts at the end of the driveway,” you’ll say.


outdoor lamp posts


  1. Great Security Feature

Security lighting for your home is a must. And implementing outdoor lamp posts is just one of many security lighting options. Security lighting deters burglaries and home vandalism, even when you are out of town. Setting your lamp posts on timers to go on during certain times creates the appearance you are home when you aren’t. Timers are also good energy savers! But back to outdoor lamp posts…


  1. Great For Decorative Lighting

Lamp posts with added receptacles installed on them create the option for decorative lighting. The holidays are almost here, and what better way to celebrate with string Halloween and Christmas lights! Wrap those suckers around your lamp posts for added fun and enjoyment. 🙂


  1. So Many Styles!

There are so many different styles of outdoor lamp posts to match your home’s decor. The possibilities are endless to make your landscape aesthetically appealing. If anything, get one to make your neighbor jealous!


outdoor lamp posts


Electrician For Outdoor Lamp Posts

Adding outdoor lamp posts on your property will give you and your family/friends better visibility at night, with the added security, decoration, and aesthetic appeal for your home. Now that you have decided (hopefully) that an outdoor lamp post would be a great option for you, it’s time to call KB Electric LLC for a residential lamp post installation!