Outdoor Sconce Lighting Fixtures: Hire An Electrician For Installation

There are many different ways to light up your front porch area and your deck area by your front and back doors. One of those ways is installing outdoor sconce lighting fixtures. They come in many different styles and types to accommodate your home’s decor, and they are perfect for illumination at night. 


What Is Outdoor Sconce Lighting?

Outdoor sconce lighting consists of outdoor wall mounted light fixtures, also known as outdoor wall mounted lanterns, that sit flush against your home’s exterior wall. They are installed mostly in the front of your home next to your front and/or back doors. They serve as a type of functional task light and a security light, and can be a chic, decorative focal point for the front or back of your porch/deck area.


outdoor sconce lighting


Types Of Outdoor Sconce Fixtures

These wall mounted fixtures come in so many different styles and brands. For style type, you usually have the options of:

  • Contemporary

  • Rustic

  • Classic

  • Luxury

…etc. Different “styles” to choose from vary from brand to brand, and store/website.


outdoor sconce lighting


Here are different options you can choose from when selecting outdoor wall mounted lanterns:

  • Number of bulbs in the fixture

  • Fixture finish (brass, gold, bronze, aluminum, iron, nickel, stainless steel, etc.)

  • Fixture color

  • Motion sensing

  • Adjustable head

  • Light source (halogen, incandescent, LED)

…just to name a few.


Hire A Licensed Electrician For Outdoor Sconce Lighting Installation

It’s important to hire a professional when working with electricity. You may need new lines ran, new light switches installed, etc. Electricians know how to wire…plain and simple. We do it every day, and we are versed in the NEC (National Electric Code) for safety and compliance. Don’t let your husband do half the job! Call a licensed electrician that will get the job done correctly and efficiently, with the proper tools and field knowledge. 

Whether you need to replace your existing outdoor sconce lights, or need new additions for the exterior of your home, the licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC can install outdoor wall mounted lanterns with ease. We serve all of Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County, Berks County, and Delaware County PA. (267) 467-3178