Pool Area Lighting Ideas: Cool Ways To Put Lighting Around Your Pool

Hiring a licensed electrician for landscape lighting design ideas is always a good call. After all, the professionals who install lighting will know the best options for your particular landscape and property. The same thing can be said for pool area lighting ideas. Electricians do landscape lighting for inground and above ground pool areas all the time. Let’s go over some cool ways you can add lighting around your swimming pool that is recommended by a licensed electrician.


Pool Area Lighting Ideas


  1. Uplighting

The best way to show off your trees and shrubbery at night is to use the technique called uplighting. With uplighting, you place small fixtures in the ground like the LED flood lights pictured below. Pointing the flood lights in an upward direction towards the trees/bushes allows them to be illuminated nicely in the dark.

KB Electric LLC just did landscape lighting around a swimming pool a week ago. We also used flood light fixtures for accenting an outdoor pergola pictured below. (image #2)



pool area lighting ideas - uplighting canopy/pergola

Pool Area Lighting Ideas – Accenting Canopy/Pergola with LED Flood Lights. (also pictured are pathway light fixtures)


  1. Downlighting

You can also illuminate trees around your swimming pool at night with downlighting. Downlighting can be accomplished by placing LED fixtures high in the trees. This will also illuminate pathways around the pool as well when angled correctly. Subtle light using downlighting in your trees for walkways eliminate the need for walkway/pathway lighting fixtures around your walkway, if this isn’t the look you are going for. 


  1. Pathway Lighting

Safety is key when it comes to lighting your walkway and any area around a swimming pool. Without proper lighting when it’s dark, you or a family member or guest could fall into your pool unintentionally while tripping and falling over a toy that was left out by accident. This is just one scenario of many when a property isn’t well-lit when the sun goes down.

Adding some pathway/walkway LED light fixtures around the perimeter of your walkway is a great option. There are so many different types of these out there. We even used one type of these for in between waterfalls for the job last week. 



Pool Area Lighting Ideas - Pathway/Walkway Lighting

Pool Area Lighting Ideas – Pathway/Walkway Lighting (LED pathway fixtures)


Not All Light Fixtures Are Created Equal, And An Electrician Knows This

When we did the landscape lighting job around the homeowner’s swimming pool last week, one of our licensed electricians told us that different types of light fixtures do different things/have different effects. For example, so you could see the waterfalls at night, we had to use a different pathway light than what we used around the walkways. Just because they are both pathway lights doesn’t mean they illuminate the same way.

“We chose the Duracell Low-Voltage LED Pathway Lights because these specific light fixtures shine outwards, lighting up the waterfalls. It also has a smoked lens so that they aren’t blinding at eye level”. – Sean B., electrician at KB Electric LLC

“All lights have different effects on their surroundings. You just have to know which works best with what you have”. – Sean B., electrician at KB Electric LLC


Pool Area Lighting Ideas - Pathway Lights in Between Waterfalls

Pool Area Lighting Ideas – Pathway Lights in Between Waterfalls


Hire a licensed electrician for pool area lighting installation because they know the best pool area lighting ideas specific for your setup. Plain and simple.