Pool Area Lighting: Why You Should Put Lighting Around A Pool

You just got done hiring a licensed electrician to add a few LED pool lights in your inground swimming pool. Now is the perfect time after they leave to take a night swim. You get your suit on, and are ready to head in. Once you open that porch door, you look around and realize something is missing. You can’t see the walkway to your pool! Sure, your pool’s water is bright as day, but there still isn’t enough lighting all around. This is when you realize that pool area lighting might be worth it to fully enjoy your backyard oasis.


pool area lighting

Pool Area Lighting: Landscape Lighting Around A Pool (pathway lighting, uplighting)


Why You Should Put Lighting Around A Pool


  • Safety

First and foremost, safety is so important when you have any type of swimming pool. You, your family, and your guests should be protected from anything that could potentially occur. Pool area lighting allows you to be able to see where you are going in the dark (duh), preventing injuries from trip and falls to all sorts of things. Enjoying the swimming pool at night is fun and exciting. Be safe about it!


  • Aesthetic Appeal

Not only does a well-lit pool area spell safety, it also looks gorgeous! Be the envy of your neighborhood when your pool area lighting is the eye candy on the block. There are so many types of pool area lighting ideas out there that you will love. We will get into that next week.


  • Accentuate Landscape

If you have a well-maintained property near your swimming pool, it’s definitely silly to have it hidden when the sun goes down. Nicely trimmed trees, shrubbery, plants, flowers, walkways, outdoor fire pits, and pool patios should definitely be lit up at night! You’ll be able to see your hard earned work 24/7, even while taking a night swim with the family. You will also be able to accent cool pool features like waterfalls, spas, etc. with lighting around your pool.


Hire an Electrician For Pool Area Lighting Installation

A swimming pool light installed in your pool is a cool feature. But in order to fully get the experience of a well-lit pool, it’s a great idea to light up the entire pool area for safety, eye-catching appeal, and to see your beautiful landscape at night. Stop hiding in the dark, and let us give you light!

At KB Electric LLC, we have the knowledge and hands-on experience to install pool area lighting correctly and efficiently. We know which lighting works best for your landscape, and can recommend different options that work well specifically with your property. 

Electrical work isn’t for everyone. Only a professional, licensed electrician should handle it for safety and accuracy. After all, it’s what we do best! Call us for exceptional service: 267-467-3178