Reasons You Need A Dedicated Circuit For Certain Appliances

Before we begin, let’s identify which home and/or business appliances need a dedicated circuit required by the NEC (National Electrical Code).


Appliances That Need a Dedicated Circuit

  • Range 
  • In-wall oven
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Garbage disposal
  • Air conditioner (central AND window unit)
  • Heater
  • Furnace
  • Hot tub
  • Sump pump
  • Water pump
  • Space heaters
  • Garage door openers
  • Blow dryers
  • Certain areas in the kitchen counter area, bathroom, and garage
  • Certain office / computer equipment
  • …and any other appliances that draw a lot of electricity when used


What is a Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is an isolated circuit set up with its own circuit breaker in your main electrical panel, and many cases has its own outlet, for ONE appliance. This ensures that no overloading of power occurs within your electrical system when the appliance is in use.  


Dedicated outlets for appliances with dedicated circuits.

Dedicated outlets for appliances with dedicated circuits.



Dedicated outlet for a dedicated circuit.

Dedicated outlet for a microwave with a dedicated circuit.


Reasons Why Dedicated Circuits Are Necessary

When there isn’t a dedicated circuit and power becomes overloaded with a medium to heavy duty appliance in use, many unsafe things can happen. The list below indicates why dedicated circuits are necessary for appliances that draw a lot of power:

  • Prevents tripping breakers

  • Prevents blown fuses

  • NEC requires them for certain areas of the home like the kitchen, so they are needed for home inspections to pass

  • Prevents overheating of wire insulation

  • Prevents electrical fires (because they prevent overheating, and melting wires)

  • Prevents damage of an appliance


Hiring a Licensed Electrician for A Dedicated Circuit

There are many instances where KB Electric LLC sees improper installation of dedicated circuits. Yes, there is such thing has an improper installation, and it isn’t pretty. Someone who isn’t familiar with electrical wiring shouldn’t install dedicated circuits because they lack the knowledge and experience. For example, electricians know what size wiring to use and what type of amperage breaker to use when wiring an appliance to a dedicated circuit. Additionally, licensed electricians like KB Electric LLC have the experience from doing many of these, so there is no room for error! Licensed electricians can get the job done right the first time, saving you the headache of any issues resulting from faulty wiring.


If you are in need of a dedicated circuit for any home or business appliance, call KB Electric LLC for superior service and installation. We are electricians based in Collegeville, PA and Pottstown, PA and serve all of Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Berks County, and the Philadelphia area. Call us today! (267) 467-3178