Recessed Outlets: What Are They and Why Should I Use One?


You know what recessed lighting is, right? If you don’t, recessed light fixtures are a “decluttering” lighting source. They are made up of cans that house the bulbs, and trim that goes around it for aesthetic appeal. These recessed light fixtures give a “decluttering” look and feel because they are installed by cutting holes in your ceiling and mounted in those holes, so they are flush against your ceiling. Similarly, recessed outlets have a “decluttering” look and feel because they allow plugs and cords to sit flush with the wall instead of protruding out. This also allows for your appliances and gadgets to sit flush against a wall without spaces in between.


Why You Should Use Recessed Outlets

Aesthetically more appealing than their counterparts, recessed outlets do the trick when it comes to appearances.

  • They hide your protruding plugs and cords from view, making your area visually attractive.
  • They force your appliances and gadgets/devices to be flush against the wall…no more ugly spaces!
  • They can save a lot of space, from areas on your kitchen countertop, to small laundry rooms that could use the extra sliver of floor space. 


Where You Should Use Recessed Outlets


  • Behind a flat-screen TV

Remove the gap between the wall and the TV by installing a recessed outlet for the TV’s power supply, and even for the TV components! There are a lot of brands of recessed outlets out there that offer TV ports just for this setup.


  • Behind your furniture

Remove the gap between the wall and all types of furniture to make any room like great while creating more space. Install recessed outlets behind couches, end tables, desks, bedroom dressers, beds, etc. The possibilities are endless!


  • Install them in small bathrooms

Create space on your bathroom vanity by installing recessed outlets to shorten cords to keep them out of water’s reach.


  • Install them in your kitchen

Create space on your kitchen countertops by installing a recessed outlet for your toaster, microwave, blender, etc. to keep these appliances flush against the wall.


Ask one of our licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC about replacing your existing wall outlets with recessed outlets. You won’t be disappointed with the swap!