Replace or Repair My Ceiling Fan? Why We Suggest Replacement

At KB Electric LLC, we receive a lot of phone calls from people who have ceiling fans that stopped working, and are “in need of ceiling fan repair to fix it”. These phone calls come in a lot, and sometimes customers will ask us this question: should I replace or repair my ceiling fan? It’s a great question, and the electricians at KB Electric LLC recommend that you replace your ceiling fan instead of get it repaired by us. Here’s why…


replace or repair my ceiling fan


Replace Or Repair My Ceiling Fan? What Should My Electrician Do?

Your ceiling fan should be replaced instead of repaired by an electrician because:


  1. The Cost is the Same or Cheaper To Replace a Ceiling Fan

The labor and parts to repair a ceiling fan can add up. First, an electrician needs to troubleshoot and find the problem. Next, there’s ordering parts for the ceiling fan (maybe) if it isn’t a quick fix. By the time you are done with all of this, it could cost the same, or less to just replace the ceiling fan entirely. And, you get a brand new ceiling fan installed that may last you way longer than the old, repaired one.


  1. You Can End Up Spending More Money if Repairing Doesn’t Fix It

If an electrician simply can’t repair the ceiling fan because it’s not fixable, then you will end up spending money for the troubleshooting and the “fixing” that didn’t work, plus the cost of the installation of a brand new ceiling fan. That’s just silly! If you know that your ceiling fan stopped working, and it isn’t because of the installation (wiring of a new one), it’s time to replace it. 


  1. You Get Warranted Work with a Brand New Ceiling Fan Installation

With a new ceiling fan installation, you not only get a warranty from the manufacturer of the ceiling fan, but you also get a warranty with the company installing it. 


  1. More Options

Replacing your old fan gives you a lot of options. There are ceiling fans on the market with new lighting concepts, bigger fan blades, and sleeker designs to fit any household decor. 


Replace Or Repair My Ceiling Fan? Replace It, And Hire a Licensed Electrician

As electricians, KB Electric LLC definitely suggests replacing your old, broken fan. And of course, we recommend hiring a licensed professional for ceiling fan installation. No one knows wiring better than an electrician. We know the ins and outs of the NEC (National Electric Code) for safety and compliance, and we have the expertise and knowledge in the field to install your ceiling fan correctly and efficiently. 

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