Romex Wire: A Safer Alternative to Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring

Is your home’s electrical system still wired with knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring? If your home was built before 1940, or your home was built between 1960 and the late 1970’s, you may have knob and tube or aluminum. Fear not! There is a solution to these outdated, and potentially dangerous wiring configurations: it’s name is Romex wire.


KB Electric LLC blogged awhile back about knob and tube wiring, and why the replacement of this electrical wiring is crucial for your home’s safety. Let’s look at what Romex wire actually is, and why it is a better, safer alternative for your home’s electrical wiring.


house rewire with romex wire

House Rewire with Romex Wire



What is Romex Wire?

Romex wire is a brand of residential wiring that consists of a sheathing (protective casing) that is non-metallic. The National Electrical Code (NEC) categorizes this type as NM cable, with the presence of conductors (wires) encased in a non-metallic, flexible plastic. Some interesting facts about the Romex brand:

  • Romex wire came around in 1922 by General Cable at a facility in Rome, New York. It was later acquired by Southwire Company in September of 2001.
  • Romex wire consists of one or more “hot” conductors, a neutral conductor, and a ground wire.
  • Romex wiring is not rated for outdoor use, but can be used in dry and damp areas, including basements.
  • Romex should not be used in most commercial buildings.


Why Romex Beats The Old Stuff

Knob and Tube wiring and aluminum wiring are old and unsafe, period. Romex wire is one of the better and safer alternatives for the following reasons:

  • Presence of a ground wire.
  • Sheathing is flame-resistant and heat resistant, able to withstand a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Longer-lasting due to copper metal composition. 
  • Two layers of insulation protect the wires far better than knob and tube.


I Need Romex Wire In My Home, Who Should I Call?

The first thing to do is to contact a licensed and insured electrician for an electrical safety inspection of your home’s wiring system. If any wiring is outdated (knob and tube, aluminum, or older Romex style wiring) or damaged, it can be addressed and given recommendations. A licensed and insured electrician will then proceed with the installation of Romex wire in your home for safety and protection of your electrical system.

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