RV Home Electrical Hookup: Call An Electrician Before Plugging In!

Purchasing a new camper/travel trailer/RV is a really exciting experience. It’s even more exciting shopping for things at Walmart for the travel trailer, and planning your very first trip. But before even thinking about the initial RV purchase, have you figured out where you will store it? Will you need to park it at a storage facility, or is your property big enough to park it at home? If you have the space at home for parking it, it is always a good idea to have RV home electrical hookup. But before you plug it into your garage outlet, you’ll want to call a licensed electrician for the installation of a dedicated line.


Why You Need A Dedicated Line For Your RV Home Electrical Hookup 

The reason is simple: you need a dedicated line/outlet for your trailer so you don’t overload your electrical system. Without a proper dedicated line for hookup, using the appliances in your RV while plugging into a shared circuit can cause breakers to blow in your main electrical panel. You can even damage some appliances in your home that are connected to the same circuit you are plugging into. 

The safest and best option is for the installation of a dedicated line for a RV home electrical hookup so that you will be able to run multiple things in the trailer while getting it ready before setting out for the open road.

What Amperage Is My RV?

Depending on the type of RV you purchase, the electrical system will either have a 30amp or 50amp capacity. You’ll first need to determine what amperage your RV’s electrical system is to determine what size amperage receptacle (outlet) is needed for plugging into your home’s electrical system. Here is an easy way to tell in addition to looking in your trailer’s owners manual:

  • If the power cord has 3 prongs, the RV capacity is 30amps
  • If the power cord has 4 prongs, the RV capacity is 50amps

Call a Licensed Electrician For RV Home Electrical Hookup

Whether you need your RV for a guest staying at your home, or needing to run some things inside before hitting cross country, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to install a dedicated line/outlet for home hookup. You’ll need not to worry about electrical hazards when using the RV appliances while plugged into your main electrical system when the RV is on its own dedicated circuit. 

An electrician knows how to properly install a dedicated line and outlet for your RV. An electrician will also know if your main electrical panel can handle the addition of a dedicated circuit. For these reasons and others, call a licensed electrician for safety and precision for the installation of a dedicated outlet for your RV home electrical hookup.