Small Businesses Should Be Leaders In Their Communities

Working for a small business, I thank the Lord every day for the opportunities it has laid out for my family. Not just with flexibility, but with the opportunity to step up and lead in the community I work in with local fundraisers, free events, community service projects, etc. This blog is going to be a little different than your “electrical information” type blog because I felt the need to share how small businesses impact the community, and why it’s so important that small businesses step up to become leaders of their communities to help others.



How Small Business Impacts Community

  1. Hiring Locally And Strategically

Small businesses are known for hiring those who may be overlooked by larger companies. They also tend to hire locally which is good for the community. Smaller businesses depending on the sector may also pay higher wages than those big box stores, larger contracting businesses, etc. Higher pay along with giving someone the chance to work for a small business keeps the turnover rate down, while also boosting company morale. 

  1. Small Businesses Help Other Small Businesses

Need a plumber but don’t have one? A smaller electrical contracting company may know just the guy to see who also works within the same community. Small businesses help other small businesses out, giving them more exposure, which also helps the community grow, and keeps the small business model alive.

  1. They Share What They Know

Small business owners are great resources for others who are trying to start their own business. They have the knowledge and willingness to share their successes with others.

  1. Small Businesses Help Out (Hopefully)

Small business owners can be very active in their communities with serving, donating, and all sorts of things. Which brings me to our next point …..


Why Small Businesses Need To Become Leaders Of Their Community 

Besides getting your company’s name out there to drum up some business/enhance your exposure to ultimately keep the small business model alive, it’s so so so important to care for others. Period. We do these things because this is God’s plan for us; to be loving, caring, honest, and humble, among other things. 

Get out there and help a local charity. Get out there and help out a family in need, whether it be financially or not. Get out there and help clean the local parks. Get out there and spend some time talking to people that live around you just to get to know them. Spend a few extra dollars planning free events for the kids in the neighborhood. Whatever it is, do SOMETHING because you are in the spotlight. Even if you aren’t a small business in the spotlight, this is what we as human beings are called to do.

Like it or not, at least one person is looking at your online reviews. At least one person is asking someone else’s opinion about your company. At least one person is reviewing your company online. At least one person is talking about your company to someone else. Whether you like it or not, once you are a small business, you are in the spotlight for all to see. Make it count. 

Make every second count. A small business is in the position to help the people in the community they work in. A small business is in the position to better the community by serving, hiring locally, giving back to the community….the list goes on.

I say this to emphasize the fact that small businesses are in a position to be influencers in their communities. A small business is in a position to become a leader in their community, to be an example for others to follow in their own lives, and to impact those around them.