Smart Energy Tracker Helps Reduce Your Electricity Bill: Its Name Is Glow

Last week, we wrapped up our two part blog on tips and tricks for reducing your electricity bill. We stumbled upon a brilliant device on the Kickstarter website this week that can actually assist you with tracking your energy usage so that you can see where your wasted energy is in order to make improvements for money savings. Its name is Glow: the smart energy tracker for your home that wirelessly computes your electricity usage.

What Is Glow?

The Glow smart energy tracker is basically a smart device that gives you feedback on your energy usage that you can physically see happening in real time, allowing you to cut back on wasted energy. Glow can also help you manage spending goals, and can even alert you via a mobile app during high energy usage, like when your refrigerator is accidentally left open.

How Does the Glow Smart Energy Tracker Work? 

Glow consists of two “devices” that allow you to measure your home’s electricity usage. The first device is a magnetoresistive sensing device that wirelessly sensors the flow of electric current flowing into your home. It attaches onto your outside electric meter box seamlessly, with no need for opening the meter box or playing with any sort of wiring.

The second device is an in-home device that glows (hence its name, Glow) with a color-changing LED light that changes color based on different energy usage. Green means you are saving money, while yellow to red means you are using more than your normal usage. Glow can tell this “normality” by learning your energy consumption average by the hour over a 15-30 day span.  It can also predict what your electricity bill will be without any surprises later on. 



Where Can I Buy Glow For My Home?

Right now, you can become a backer on their Kickstarter website to fund this smart energy tracker starting at $149.00 to have one of your very own. Just like any Kickstarter project, if Glow doesn’t reach its $75,000 goal by Friday, September 15th 2017, you won’t be charged. Unfortunately, you won’t get to track your energy usage either! As of August 22nd, the project has funded a little over $19,000. So if this is something that you think will help you manage your energy usage to save money, and impact the environment, head on over to their website now and become a backer!