SolarGaps: ‘World’s First Energy Generating Solar Panel Window Blinds’

In a world where renewable energy is the norm for tackling a carbon-filled environment and global warming, it’s no surprise we see the trend of energy innovations popping up on the Kickstarter campaign website. One of those innovations goes by the name of SolarGaps: the ‘world’s first energy generating solar panel window blinds’.  


What Is SolarGaps?

SolarGaps are photovoltaic smart solar panel window blinds that automatically track the sunlight by adjusting the panels’ positioning throughout the day. The photovoltaic panels look like your traditional window blinds. The difference between these and your average joe window blinds is the obvious ability of generating 100W-150W of energy per 10 sq. ft. of a window that can save you up to 70% on your electricity bill!

These smart energy generating solar panel window blinds consist of aluminum, and are strong and durable to withstand any type of weather. SolarGaps also works in any type of temperature, ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can even use their integrated smartphone app to open the blinds, adjust the angles, and monitor how much energy you are generating. The SolarGaps app can also work with your smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Nest Thermostat. 

SolarGaps come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your windows: extra small to extra large, and the company can even custom size them for you if the dimensions don’t quite add up to what you are looking for. (Visit their Indiegogo page for a complete size table:


SolarGaps and Excess Energy

The cool part of these energy generating solar panel window blinds is the many things that you can do with the excess energy that they produce: sell it back, store it to use for later, or simply consume it with the included dock. You can sell the electricity back to your utility company using a two-way meter, use stored energy during peak hours when the rates from the power grid are high, or use it with the SolarGaps dock to charge your devices like your smartphone or iPad.  

Where Can I Use These Solar Panel Window Blinds?

SolarGaps can be used in any home or business setting. These solar panel window blinds are the best solution for apartment renters who can’t install rooftop solar panels, but want to impact the environment while saving money on their electricity bill. Even homeowners who don’t want to commit to expensive rooftop solar panels can benefit from using SolarGaps. In addition to electricity generation, these smart blinds can also save up to 80% on air condition costs by providing optimal shade.

SolarGaps can be installed inside or outside of your window with the mounting brackets they come with. For better efficiency, the company recommends installing these on the outside for maximum power-generation performance. 


Sounds Good…How Much and Where Can I Buy?

Interested in installing these smart solar panel window blinds in your office, home, or apartment? Check out the company’s Indiegogo page to purchase and become a backer of SolarGaps. 🙂