Square D Safety Switch Recall: More Than 1 Million Pose Shock Hazard

On April 17, 2018, Schneider Electric recalled their Square D brand General Duty 30 & 60A, 120/240-volt, 2-phase and 3-phase NEMA 3R Safety Switches. The square D safety switch recall affects more than 1 million units. Important note: No incidents or injuries have been reported.


About The Square D Safety Switch

The switches are a dark gray metal box with a black handle on the side that move to an “ON” or “OFF” position.  When the switch is in the “OFF” position, the flow of electricity cuts off. The switches are generally used for large equipment, and are generally used for commercial buildings, college campuses, apartments, etc. Homes can utilize these as well, mainly installed with hot tubs and air conditioning units. 


About The Recall

  • Product: Square D brand General Duty 30 & 60A, 120/240-volt, 2-phase and 3-phase NEMA 3R Safety Switches
  • Risk: The power can remain on when the switch is in the “OFF” position, posing a shock and electrocution hazard since the electricity flow hasn’t been cut off from the switch.
  • Remedy: Replace unit if power remains on when handle is switched to the “OFF” position.
  • Manufactured Dates: January 1, 2014, through January 18, 2018
  • Affected Catalog Numbers: 


How Do I Know If My Square D Safety Switch Needs Replacing?

If your catalog number and manufacture date matches the affected products above, perform an inspection on the installed safety switch by turning the handle to the “OFF” position. If the power remains on, contact Schneider Electric for a free replacement. Go here for detailed inspection instructions: https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/brands/squared/safety-notices/2018/general-duty-safety-switch/


Call A Licensed Electrician If Affected By Square D Safety Switch Recall 

If you would like a professional to inspect your safety switch, which KB Electric LLC highly recommends, contact a licensed electrician. If you need a replacement, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to install your new square D safety switch.


Customer Contact Information

From the US Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Call Schneider Electric at 1-877-672-1953 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or go online at www.schneider-electric.us/gdss-safetyalert or www.schneider-electric.com and click on “Square D” (found under Quick Links) for more information.