Storefront Lighting: Tips From Your Montgomery County, PA Electrician

It’s simple: your business needs to attract customers when they are out and about. It’s time to invest in storefront lighting to let potential customers know that you are alive and well, even after hours when darkness falls. Not only does proper lighting deter burglars and provide safety, but exterior lighting is an attractive, beautiful addition that is inviting and welcoming.

Storefront lighting will attract more business for any type of industry: restaurants, retail stores, sports facilities, hotels, corporate buildings, warehouses, garages, etc. By having a well-lit property, you can expect to engage the eyes of potential customers, whether in their cars hundreds of feet away, or just walking by.


Storefront Lighting Tips


  1. Light Up That Sign

When we think of a physical building that houses a retail store, restaurant, corporate business, etc., we think of a displayed sign. If you don’t have one yet, we suggest you get on it! Storefront signs show potential customers/clients who you are.

Business signs are a must when displaying yourself, but it doesn’t do any good if it isn’t lit up. Potential customers aren’t just walking and driving around in the daytime. When the sun goes down, it’s a must to light up your storefront name so that people a few miles away can identify your physical location.


storefront lighting - sign lighting

Storefront Sign Lighting – Elevation Burger: Collegeville, PA


If you don’t want to spend more money for another sign that has lighting built into it, we recommend gooseneck lighting.

Gooseneck Lighting

A great signage lighting option is with gooseneck lighting fixtures. They come in a variety of styles to go with a vintage look or a more modern look. They are versatile fixtures that can be placed and spaced out any which way you like, right above your company’s storefront sign.


  1. Accent With LEDs

Attracting customers with your merchandise/services/food, etc. before they even step foot into your store is always a great idea. Sure, it’s easy to display your products in the windows of your shop. But are your display windows illuminated well? LEDs not only save on energy costs for your business, but they are visually appealing to the eye, especially at night.

You can incorporate any type of LED lighting for storefront lighting to draw people in:

  • LED strip lights around the borders of your display windows or regular windows
  • LED light bulbs to shine on your products inside the display windows
  • LED strip lights around the perimeter of awnings


  1. Incorporate Exterior Sconce Lighting

Wall sconces on the storefront of your building not only provide a good type of security lighting for your business, but they are a stylish way to illuminate your doorway/entryway. Exterior wall sconces come in a variety of styles to fit any look you are going with (modern, vintage, contemporary, rustic, etc).


Storefront lighting - sconces for corporate office

Wall Sconces for Select-A-Vision Corporate Office: Collegeville, PA


  1. Accent Your Property’s Landscape

Do you have a well maintained property filled with shrubbery, trees, and maybe a few garden beds outside your business? Storefront lighting doesn’t just mean the lighting on your building.

Illuminate your trees and shrubbery for extra lighting to attract more eyes. You can do this with the uplighting effect by placing fixtures on the ground near trees, bushes, gardens, etc.

Walkway lighting is also a must. Not only is it a safety feature for people walking at night, it also welcomes potential customers into your place of business. You can light up your walkways with pathway lighting or area lights.


  1. Accent Unique Elements

Does your building have something unique that makes it stand out? Accenting different structures/elements on your building draws attention to the eyes. We don’t want this hidden when it’s dark! Shining light on archways, beautiful stonework, brickwork, etc. will make your business stand out. 


Hire A Licensed Electrician

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