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KB Electric LLC is your #1 swimming pool electrician based in Montgomery County, PA. Even though our home office is in Montgomery County, the electricians at KB Electric serve all of Chester, Delaware, Berks, Bucks, and Philadelphia, PA. 



What Does A Pool Electrician Do?

Some homeowners believe that when they go to install a new above ground or in-ground swimming pool, the pool company does everything for them. This would be incorrect.

KB Electric LLC is the one to call for your swimming pool wiring needs. But what does this actually entail? Let’s take a closer look:

For Above Ground and In-Ground Swimming Pools


Bonding and Grounding

First, let’s explain what bonding a swimming pool means. Bonding refers to protecting people in and around a swimming pool from shock by connecting all of the pool’s metal components together with a copper wire to make all of the metal components of equal potential (bonding grid). This ensures that no electrical voltage passes through a person when he or she touches any of the pool equipment. 

Once the bonding grid is installed, we need to ground it to prevent shock through faults in the electrical system (main electrical panel or pool’s sub-panel).

Grounding is done by attaching a piece of equipment to the earth’s ground so that high electric current can flow towards the ground and not through the people in the pool. When the pool’s equipment is properly grounded to the earth with a GFCI receptacle or breaker, it will protect the people in the pool from potential electrical shock.



Conduits for Pool Pumps and Heaters

A licensed electrician will install protection around the wiring for pool pumps/filters and heaters in something called conduits. Conduits protect the wiring from the outdoor weather.


Twist Lock Receptacle Installation

A licensed electrician will install a twist lock receptacle for the pool pump. Twist lock receptacles are important for semi-permanent equipment so as to not easily unplug something that needs to be on and running all the time or during set times, etc.



GFCI Protection

GFCI protection is required for ALL 15-amp, 20-amp, 125V, or single phase electrical outlets installed within 20 feet from a swimming pool.

GFCI protection is required for ALL electrical outlets that supply power to pool equipment, and for single-phase pool pump motors on 120v to 240v. It is also required that GFCI protection be required for underwater lights exceeding the low-voltage contact limit.  


General-Use Receptacle Installation

A general-use receptacle is required to be installed not less than 6 feet, and not more than 20ft from the inside of the pool’s wall. 


Timer Installation (optional)

A licensed electrician can install a pool timer for your pool’s filtration system (pool pump). This can allow you to easily control when the pool’s pump will go on so you don’t have to worry about manually doing it yourself. 



Pool Light Installation (optional) 

The licensed electricians at KB Electric LLC can install swimming pool lighting for your pool as well! We have expertise and knowledge in wiring swimming pool lights, and recommend LEDs. 



Swimming Pool Automation System Installation (optional)

KB Electric LLC has the knowledge and field experience (we do these often now) for installing swimming pool automation systems for your pool. 

A swimming pool automation system is a control panel that can control everything: pool pump, heater, sanitization, lights, chemical metering pumps, and a slew of other things.

These automated control systems come in many brands and varieties, and may include a wireless remote, remote access via a smartphone, or a touch screen mounted inside your home, etc. to customize your pool’s equipment and features. 



Skimmer Line Installation (optional)

We can help hook up your pool equipment for your skimmer line/vacuum as well. 🙂


Pool Area Landscape Light Installation (optional)

Need landscape lighting around your swimming pool area? Want ideas for uplighting, downlighting, pathway lighting, etc. to make your garden beds, trees, and walkways light up at night around your swimming pool? KB Electric LLC can so install pool area landscape lighting too!



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