Thanksgiving Electrical Tips, Lighting Ideas, and Energy Savings

It’s almost here! Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, the best holiday (in our opinion) for the food that has the entire family salivating for the leftovers even before the appetizers are out. This holiday is all about family and friends, and what we have to be so thankful for. Let’s not take anything for granted as we soon roll into a new year. This means the roof over our heads, our health, our family’s health…etc. Before firing up that bird, it’s time to talk Thanksgiving electrical tips that will provide safety for you and your loved ones, along with electrical fire prevention tips for your home. We also snuck in a few lighting ideas and energy saving tips for your home during Thanksgiving.



thanksgiving electrical tips


Let’s start with the nitty gritty basics of Thanksgiving electrical tips for safety prevention. It’s really important to address this first because according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), it’s the biggest day for cooking fires. Note: almost half of these home fires in 2015 were the result of cooking equipment.


Thanksgiving Electrical Tips For Safety

  • Test your smoke detectors to make sure they are all in working order. If they are outdated and aren’t working, please hire an electrician to install new ones properly before the big day arrives. (We recommend interconnected smoke detectors.)
  • Never leave the kitchen unattended when food is cooking.
  • Don’t overload your electrical outlets with multiple appliances while cooking.
  • Unplug any appliances that are unused.
  • Keep an eye out for any electrical cords that could be dangling from your countertop (from your electric knife, etc.). These are eye candy for young children to pull and play with.
  • Test your GFCI outlets in the kitchen to make sure they are in working order. Even the self-tested kind should be tested once a month.
  • Replace any electric appliances with frayed or damaged cords. 


Thanksgiving Lighting Ideas


  1. Install Dimmer Switches

Set the ambiance with a dimmer switch so that your bright lights aren’t so offensive, and grandma’s wrinkles show less. Seriously though, one of the things we recommend as electricians is adding a few dimmer switches around the home for your lighting to set the mood. Our favorite place for dimmable lighting is over the table, where your family and friends gather to eat and converse. It’s nice not to be blinded by the light once in awhile.


thanksgiving electrical tips - dimmer switch

Dimmer Switch



  1. Festive Lighting Options

Sprucing up your home this year with Thanksgiving decor is great. A few fake fall leaves here, a festive table cloth there, a handful of votive candles accenting around the centerpiece..etc. But did you think about Thanksgiving decor lighting?

A few string lights here and there to accent decor pieces inside and outside work well with the festive atmosphere. Perfect place for these is over your fireplace mantle (if you have one). Is your family too big for everyone inside of your home? An outdoor Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without some festoon lights.




Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

  • Allow leftovers to cool before putting them in the refrigerator.
  • Use the microwave or slow cooker for side dishes when possible to reduce the amount of time the oven needs to run.
  • Cook multiple items at the same time in the oven when possible to reduce the amount of time the oven needs to run.
  • Use the dishwasher if you have one for clean up. It actually uses less water!
  • Use your oven’s convection setting if possible. This reduces temperature and cook time needed.
  • Don’t open and close the oven door a lot to check on the food. Significant amount of heat escapes, causing more time needed for the oven to be on to fully cook the food.