Thanksgiving Trivia Questions: Ask the Electricians

Thanksgiving is already next week, and we are just as shocked as you are that the year 2019 is shortly coming to a close. In honor of the great holiday of giving thanks and eating until your stomach bursts, we decided to ask the electricians at KB Electric LLC some questions about Thanksgiving. Who will get the most answers correct for a chance to win an amazing price?

Let’s meet the contestants…



Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

1. What year was the celebration that is most commonly considered to be the first Thanksgiving?

Brian- 1717

Darren- 1641.5

Keith- 1603

Jake- 1621

Sean- Between 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and 1776 when America was born, I’ll say 1620-1621​

Correct Answer: 1621


2. How long did the first Thanksgiving celebration last?

Brian- A fortnight!

Darren- 10 days

Keith- 3 days

Jake- 3 days

Sean- 3 days

Correct Answer: 3 days


3. Under which president did Thanksgiving become an annual holiday?

Brian- Hmmm, Ulysses S Grant.

Darren- Washington

Keith- Abe

Jake- Abraham Lincoln

Sean- Abraham Lincoln

Correct Answer: Abraham Lincoln


4. In what decade did both the Macy’s Day Parade and America’s Thanksgiving Parade start?

Brian- 1920’s

Darren- 14th century

Keith- 1930’s

Jake- 1920’s 

Sean- 1970’s

Correct Answer: 1920’s


5. How do both Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and America’s Thanksgiving Parade conclude?

Brian- The President officially turns on the White House Christmas lights.

Darren- It concludes with people giving thanks 😉

Keith- Breaking bread

Jake- song and dance

Sean- light the turkey on fire and dance around chanting

Correct Answer: With the arrival of Santa Claus


6. What are turkey chicks called?

Brian- Peeps

Darren- Gobblers

Keith- Yim Yams

Jake- A boy is called a JAKE and a girl is called a JENNY.

Sean- chicks

Correct Answer: Pults or turkeylings


7. What is the wobbly red piece of flesh on top of the beak of a turkey?

Brian- The Gobbler

Darren- Gobble

Keith- Gobble

Jake- Snoods

Sean- Gobbler

Correct Answer: Snood


8. What are most turkey feathers used for after the turkey is plucked?

Brian- Arrows

Darren- Pens

Keith- Tooth picks

Jake- Used for arrows, stuff pillows, old ceremonial clothing, bedding.

Sean- Decoration

Correct Answer: Animal feed


9. What meat did the native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving?

Brian- Venison

Darren- Turkey

Keith- Deer

Jake- Fish, seafood, shellfish, any meat that they hunted for like (deer, rabbit, turkey, pheasant, ect.) and corn.

Sean- Deer and other stuff. Lots of stuff, but not Turkey

Correct Answer: Deer (venison)


10. What food was present at the first Thanksgiving but is rarely eaten at Thanksgiving now?

Brian- Sushi

Darren- Fish

Keith- Chinese

Jake- Fish, seafood, shellfish

Sean- Deer or ham

Correct Answer: Seafood


11. Thanksgiving in the USA is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but when is Canada’s Thanksgiving?

Brian- January

Darren- January

Keith- Who cares

Jake- Second Monday in October

Sean- First Thursday of October

Correct Answer: Second Monday of October


12. Which two football teams took part in the first ever NFL Thanksgiving Day game in 1934?

Brian- Redskins and Cowboys

Darren- Eagles and Patriots

Keith- Patriots

Jake- Bears and Packers

Sean- The Lions and Green Bay

Correct Answer: Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears


13. Which Native American tribe took part in the first Thanksgiving feast?

Brian- The Iroquois

Darren- Cherokee

Keith- Sioux

Jake- Wampanoag Indians

Sean- Cherokee

Correct Answer: The Wampanoag


14. What was the name of the ship that transported the first Pilgrims to America in 1620?

Brian- The June Rose. I mean, the Mayflower!!

Darren- Mayflower

Keith- Santa Maria

Jake- Mayflower 

Sean- Mayflower, and I’m guessing the first thanksgiving would be around this year. So I’m changing my first answer. I said 1630 at first. 

Correct Answer: The Mayflower