The Benefits of Attic Fans: Why Attic Ventilation is a Must

Proper attic ventilation is key to preserving your home’s structure and roofing, while keeping air conditioning costs down. Many people go without having an attic fan, and that is probably one of the worst things you can do for a home. All homeowners with an attic should have attic ventilation with the use of attic fans, especially if experiencing warmer temperatures on the upper floors of the house. Let me explain more in depth the benefits of attic fans, and how proper air ventilation is a must for any home.

  • Preserves Housing Structure

Excessive heat and moisture can produce wood rot, and distorted shingles, which can lead to damage of the structure of the roof. It’s not only in the summer; the winter months are where we see moisture as well, as damming and ice build-up can create rotting wood. This is why it’s important to keep the air circulated year-round with attic fans to maintain coolness as well as dryness. Keeping the roof stable will also keep your wallet intact, which brings me to my next point.

  • Cost Effective and Energy Saving

In the summer, the attic can feel like a sauna. Only using vents for “natural” air circulation isn’t enough from keeping the temperature down. Attic fans aid in the natural circulation process by pushing the warm air out and keeping the attic cool. This is very important when running your air conditioning. That hot air you feel on the second floor isn’t just because hot air is rising. Yes, that’s one main factor. But another factor is because the roof gets hot from the sun’s rays, and the attic and second floors are feeling the impact. To maintain coolness upstairs from the roof’s radiation of heat, attic fans keep the attic cool so that your air conditioning costs stay low. The air conditioning unit won’t be working as hard to keep things cool, which will also extend the life of the air conditioning unit while avoiding costly repairs or replacement. As mentioned above, preserving the housing structure by keeping the attic cool and dry will save on expensive roofing repair and replacement as well.


Whether you just bought a new home or own an existing home without an attic fan, please use this blog in the assistance of your decision-making process, and take it from a master electrician who is also a homeowner. Attic ventilation with the use of attic fans will not only save energy, but it will keep your wallet happy. Don’t let your home take another hit with a costly expense later down the road. Feel comfortable in your house during those summer heat waves by adding an attic fan today.


attic fans2

Attic Fan – View From the Outside


attic fans

Attic Fan – View From the Inside