Towel Warmer Installation: Montgomery County, PA Electrician

Yesterday one of our electricians at KB Electric LLC installed a towel warmer/rack for a new customer, which prompted us to write this blog today. Heated towel racks have been around for quite some time and are most commonly seen in European countries. With towel warmers gaining traction here in the U.S., we’ve decided to talk about the different types, the different installation options, and explain why it’s best to call a licensed and insured electrician for your electric towel warmer installation.


towel warmer installation

Towel Warmer Installation – WarmlyYours Dual Connection Towel Warmer (Gold Finish)


What Is a Towel Warmer?

Let’s start with the basics. A towel warmer, also known as a heated towel rack is a hangable rack fixture that heats and drys towels. Simple, right? There are two different types of towel warmers: hydronic and electric.

Hydronic Towel Warmers

Hydronic towel warmers use your existing hot water system when your hot water is ON to put out heat. Hydronic towel racks are installed within the plumbing of your home. They use your hot water system’s thermostat to control the temperature, and continuously emit heat even when OFF. 

Electric Towel Warmers

Electric towel warmers use your home’s electricity to put out heat with an ON/OFF switch installed on your wall. Once switched to OFF, the electric towel warmer will turn OFF instantly. Electric towel racks usually come in two different types: plug-in or hardwired.


The plug-in option allows you to plug in the rack using your basic 120V standard outlet and comes with a cord.


towel warmer installation

WarmlyYours Plug-In Towel Warmer



The hardwired electric towel warmer is hardwired within your bathroom walls using a dedicated circuit and breaker in your main electric panel. A licensed and insured electrician should be the installer for your hardwired electric towel warmer. If you like your bathroom looking clean and crisp for you and your family as well as guests, the hardwired option is more aesthetically appealing than the plug-in type. The wires will be hidden behind your wall, rather than with the plug-in type where the cord hangs down the wall. 

Dual Connect

There is also a new option on the market for a dual connect electric towel rack by the brand WarmlyYours. This towel warmer comes with the option to either plug it in to your 120V standard outlet, or have it altered by a licensed and insured professional for hardwired installation.


towel warmer installation

Electric Towel Warmer Installation: WarmlyYours Dual Connection Infinity Towel Warmer (Polished Finish)


Benefits Of Using A Heated Towel Rack

  • Keeps your towels warm, which in turn keeps you warm after exiting your hot shower (duh).
  • Keeps your towels nice and dry for the next use.
  • Used as an additional heating source for your bathroom. Who doesn’t like extra heat when jumping out from a nice hot shower?


Call An Electrician For Electric Towel Warmer Installation


Towel Warmer Installation

If you are on the market for an electric towel warmer that is the hardwired type, it’s best to call a licensed and insured electrician for installation. The electricians at KB Electric LLC are licensed and insured, family owned and operated, practice continuing education, know the latest NEC standards for safety and compliance, and know the ins and outs of everything electrical. KB Electric LLC provides exceptional electric towel warmer installation services in Montgomery County, PA as well as the surrounding Bucks, Berks, Chester, and Delaware counties. Call us today to set up a consultation with one of our master electricians! (267) 467-3178