Tunable White LED Lighting: The Newest Trend in LED Technology For Anywhere

You’ve heard from our previous blogs that LEDs are more energy efficient than their counterparts, they are cost effective in the longterm, and they are long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to change your light bulbs frequently anymore. Today, LED technology has advanced so much within just a couple of years that now you can purchase something called tunable white LED bulbs that adjusts the color temperature. Let’s discuss more in depth about tunable white LED lighting, and why it’s the latest trend in the lighting sector.


What Is Tunable White LED Lighting?

Tunable white LED lighting is a LED technology that allows the users to adjust the color temperature of lighting with a remote, app/smart system, or light switch. When we talk about LEDs, we reference the color temperature that the light emits that is measured in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin, the “whiter” the light will appear.

For example, 2200K-2700K is warm incandescent, 2700K is soft white, 3000K is bright white, 4000K is cool white, and 5000K is daylight. So, tunable white LED bulbs allow a person to change these color temperatures of the lighting instead of choosing one specific bulb color for a particular room or area.


Types Of Light Fixtures For Tunable White LED Lighting

Tunable white LEDs can be found for many different light fixtures. 

  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures
  • LED Panels
  • Strip Lights
  • Linear Light Fixtures
  • Ceiling Light Fixtures


Benefits Of Tunable White LEDs

You may be asking yourself, “Why is tunable white LED lighting trending? Is changing color temperature of lighting necessary? What are the benefits of tunable white LED lights?”

Color temperature of lighting affects our mood, and it is important for different settings. Let’s explain the benefits of the ability to customize and adjust color temperatures for lighting:


  • Aesthetic Appeal/Mood Changer

Need to change the mood of the dining room for ambiance while eating with your spouse? Changing the color of your lighting from soft white to warm will give you a candlelight look and feel. 


  • Behavior Control/Increase Productivity

Studies have shown that there are better color temperatures than others for focus and productivity for the classroom and the office. The ability to control the lighting throughout the day helps with our concentration, as well as other daily activities.

For example, lighting in the 5000K range is best for tasks that require focus and alertness for children in classrooms. By changing the lighting warmer to around 3500K-4000K, our body transitions to a more tranquil state. This is great for children in a classroom when transitioning to group activities/discussion, and returning from recess and lunch. 

Same goes for the office. When we transition the lighting throughout the day, our bodies respond differently for work production. To get everyone alive and awake in the morning, the brighter the lighting, the better for concentration. Tuning it down to a warmer color temperature in the late afternoon and evening helps with our concentration during these hours, and can increase in productivity before it’s time to leave. 


  • Assists with Human Circadian System

Light color temperature affects our circadian rhythm, better known as the 24 hour period of our body’s sleep/awake cycle. Whether at home or in the office, having the ability to change color temperature of lighting helps with our circadian rhythm because the timing, wavelength, and duration of light can affect it. For example, large amounts of bright blue-white light (over 5500K) is shown to disrupt our circadian system. This in turn has effect on our health from things like sleep disorders, neurological issues, and even cardiovascular problems. 

Having the ability with tunable white led lights to change the color temperature of lighting throughout the day helps our body’s overall health with regulating our alertness and our wind-down time for sleep. This is why it’s helpful to have different color temperatures of light throughout our day at home as well as where we work.

Think about it at home throughout the day. Cleaning and cooking in the morning and early afternoon hours may be better for your body to be focused with over 4000K color temperature. But when it comes to cooking and cleaning up dinner, your body may need the warmer temperature to get settled and ready for sleep.


  • Customizable For Everyone

Your spouse may love the bright white LED look in the kitchen space when cooking and cleaning. But you may enjoy doing these things in a more soft white lighting, or even a warm lighting setting. The option of having tunable white LED recessed lights in the kitchen area is great to accommodate those with varying preferences.


Tunable White LEDs Are Suitable For Any Setting

  • Residences
  • Hospitals
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Healthcare Facilities


KB Electric LLC Installs Tunable White LED Lights

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