TV Wall Mounting Installers: Hire an Electrician, Not a Retailer

We got a call last week from a nice gentlemen who told us he was calling around for estimates from different tv wall mounting installers, including electricians, as well as the big box stores like Best Buy. This customer wanted the following: a flat screen TV mounted on a bracket to one wall, a new cable jack, port, and a general-use outlet installed, and finally, the concealment of all wiring behind the wall.


Here is the bottom line: an electrician can do this project to its fullest, while a big box retailer cannot, simply because electricians are licensed and insured, and electronic store technicians are not. Sure, a big box store can mount the TV for you, mount your sound bar, conceal the wiring behind the wall, and make connections to multiple video devices. But the technicians are NOT licensed and insured electricians; therefore, they will not install power outlets for your new TV for a new location that needs an outlet.


So, you just bought a brand new 52″ flat screen TV for above your fireplace or for a clean wall. No power outlets exist in the location that you want this new TV to go. The only way that an electronic retailer will hang this TV and conceal the wiring is if an existing outlet is present. 


tv wall mounting installers


Licensed Electricians = Your Best TV Wall Mounting Installers

It just makes sense to hire a licensed, insured professional to drill holes, mount an expensive TV, and fish wires through your wall. Not only that, but an electrician has the experience and knowledge of wiring to know the ins and outs of everything needed to mount your TV the right way, and the efficient way.


TV wall mounting installers come in all shapes and sizes, but the best one for the job is a licensed, insured electrician. They are the only ones that will be able to get the whole job done. Period. Did we mention they are insured? Don’t just let any Joe Schmo enter your house to take care of a TV you spent an arm and a leg on. Hire a licensed electrician for TV wall mounting installation services!


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