Using Ceiling Fans Year Round: Reverse Your Ceiling Fan in Fall and Winter

A ceiling fan is a crucial element for every room in the home. Not only does it give you the “wind-chill effect” so you can lower your thermostat to save on energy costs, but it also is beneficial in those chillier months here in Southeastern, PA. Fall is now here, and winter is going to sneak up on us before we know it. So what better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a blog about why we should use ceiling fans year round, and explain why you should reverse your ceiling fan in the fall and winter months. 



Why You Should Install Ceiling Fans Throughout The Home

  • “Wind-chill” effect makes you “feel” cooler in the spring and summer months, allowing you to adjust your thermostat accordingly to save on your electric bill. (Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler!)
  • Added lighting (some come with an added light fixture).
  • Versatile for any room in the home.
  • Versatile for any type of ceiling (vaulted, etc.)
  • Many different style options allow for matching your home’s decor/style.
  • Smart home compatible: If you set up your ceiling fan to be controlled on a smart switch, you can control it remotely from your smartphone or other voice-activated smart home system.
  • You can use them year-round to achieve similar energy saving costs as in the first bullet point…let’s explain in the next section.


Why You Should Use Ceiling Fans Year Round

So now that you know the benefits of having ceiling fans in your home, let’s explain a little about why we should be using them all year! 

When we use ceiling fans in the fall and winter months when it’s chillier outside, we are redistributing the warm air in a room to make the room feel warmer than it actually is. This allows you to feel more comfortable in a room, while also saving money on heating costs.

But how?…..


Reverse Your Ceiling Fan in Fall and Winter To Achieve Energy Savings

To experience a warmer temperature in your home with your ceiling fan running in the fall and winter (redistributing the warm air from your heating system), you can simply reverse the ceiling fan motor to run in a clockwise motion. This produces an up-draft, allowing for warm air at the ceiling (because warm air rises) to be pushed downward.

The pushing of warm air in a downward motion distributes the warmth from our heating systems evenly throughout the room, making it feel warmer. This then allows you to adjust the thermostat accordingly to save on heating costs (as much as 15%!)


Hiring a Licensed Electrician For Ceiling Fan Installation (Like KB Electric LLC)

You should hire a licensed and insured electrician to install your new ceiling fan, or replace your old ceiling fan. 

  • Electricians know how to wire everything and anything.
  • Electricians have the field experience and the book knowledge to wire a ceiling fan properly and efficiently.
  • Electricians have the proper tools already on hand to install ceiling fans.
  • Electricians know the NEC (National Electric Code) for safety and compliance for installing your ceiling fan.
  • Electricians have the expertise to recommend specific types and brands of ceiling fans that best suit your specific needs, as well as your home’s style and decor.


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