Veent: The Smart Bathroom Exhaust Fan That’s A Must-Have

This week, KB Electric LLC is blogging about a “newish” product on the market that is able to sense and track the humidity in your bathroom, and also works with an iPhone and Android app. Meet Veent: the smart bathroom exhaust fan that learns your bathroom’s humidity levels, and markets itself as the ‘the powerful and most intelligent room ventilation fan ever made’. 


smart bathroom exhaust fan


How Does This Smart Bathroom Exhaust Fan Work?

Veent is able to sense and track your humidity levels in your bathroom to prevent moisture from building up (which causes a boatload of yucky issues like mold and mildew growth) by utilizing its patented sensors.

Veent’s sensors can sense temperature and humidity in a room, and “learns” a room’s dry temperatures. So as this smart bathroom exhaust fan learns your bathroom’s dryness, it will turn itself on to clear and dry the air when it senses different moisture levels. 

Veent also comes with an OFF/ON wall switch where you can turn the fan on at its max speed, and adjust a LED light.


There’s An App For This!

Not only does this smart bathroom exhaust fan intelligently know when to turn on and off to remove excess humidity in the room, but Veent also works with an app for your smartphone.

Using an iPhone or Android device, Veent app users can set a manual timer or hourly timer for the fan, adjust moisture sensitivity levels themselves, adjust air flow and the fan’s sound level, and change Veent’s nightlight color, (yes, this even has a sweet nightlight). 


All About Veent’s Settings

With Veent’s app, the air flow settings can be adjusted anywhere between 40 to 120CFM. The fan’s sound level can be set anywhere from 0.1 to 1.3 sones. The manually timer on the app is used to set a period of time for the fan to be turned on, which is from 5 to 60 minutes. You can even set the fan to run once every hour for a specific period of time using the app’s hourly timer.  

Want to customize Veent’s nightlight? No problem! Choose from 6 different colors (green, dark blue, light blue, purple, orange, or red). You can even set the brightness.


It’s Not Just For Bathrooms

On Veent’s website, there are so many different example locations where Veent can be installed:

  • Laundry Room
  • Garage
  • Home Gym
  • Spa Room
  • Sun Room

…and probably any other type of room where moisture can be found.


Why Choose A Smart Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Leave the worry and stress behind you with a smart bathroom exhaust fan. You can allow the fan to do all of the work for you so you don’t have to remember to turn your exhaust fan on before your shower. You won’t forget about shutting it off either because the fan does that for you as well once the humidity has been eliminated. 


Call A Licensed Electrician For Smart Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Veent mentions on their website that you don’t need any additional wiring when replacing your old wall switch with Veent’s wall switch; however, if you are in need of a newly installed exhaust fan, leave that installation to a licensed professional.

A licensed electrician knows how to correctly wire and install bathroom exhaust fans, so hiring one is the smart way to go. Call KB Electric LLC for your smart bathroom exhaust fan installation, or any bathroom exhaust fan installation. We also install smart wall control switches for bathroom exhaust fans. Call us today! (267) 467-3178.