Weather Resistant Receptacles: Are Your Outdoor Outlets Protected?

Outdoor outlets need to be protected from any form of moisture. This is because electricity and water don’t mix (duh). Even in damp locations, the NEC requires weather resistant receptacles (outlets) installed. A weatherproof bubble cover on top of an outdoor outlet is just one basic layer of protection. To be fully protected from any type of weather, a weather resistant receptacle should be installed in wet and damp locations inside and outside of your home, in addition to a weatherproof cover.

Let’s take a look at which areas are considered wet and damp locations for weather resistant outlets, and what makes these specific outlets “weather rated”.


What Are Weather Resistant Receptacles?

Weather resistant receptacles are made to withstand rain, snow, humidity, ice, and other forms of moisture. When installed with the correct weatherproof cover, weather resistant outlets give you the extra protection you need so that nothing can corrode or damage the outlet, or the electrical wiring inside of the outlet. 


How Do Weather Resistant Outlets Prevent Water and Weathering Damage?

These specific outlets are made of materials for outdoor weather like moisture and water, such as nylon and metal components that are corrosion resistant. They also are protective of other weather conditions like UV light, extreme cold, and affects of breakage/aging.


Where Should Weather Resistant Receptacles Be Installed?

According to the NEC, all 15-amp and 20-amp, 125-volt and 250-volt non-locking receptacles installed in wet or damp locations shall be weather resistant receptacles. This means they should be installed in any area exposed to weather:

  • Residential decks, porches, yards etc.
  • Residential and commercial pool areas
  • Any outdoor outlet underneath an overhang (partially protected from weather) like a roof, gazebo, porch etc.
  • Residential and commercial garages (damp location)
  • Barns and cold storage buildings (damp location)
  • Basements (damp location)


How To Identify A Weather Resistant Receptacle

So you need a weather resistant receptacle installed or replaced. You go down the aisle in Home Depot and see wall-to-wall displays of wall outlets. Which one is of the weather resistant type? It’s very simple to identify, besides reading the barcodes on the rack. Look for the WR in the corner of the face plate of the receptacle. It will look like this tamper resistant outlet pictured below:


Call A Licensed Electrician To Swap Out Your Old Outdoor Outlets With Weather Resistant Outlets

In need of weather resistant receptacles installed outside your home or in damp locations? Call a licensed master electrician for correct and accurate installation. Moving forward, all exterior receptacles will be of the weather resistant type. KB Electric LLC can install new ones, or swap out the old regular outlets for the weather resistant ones. Call us today so we can make the swap! (267) 467-3178