Whole House Generators: Installation and Benefits of Standby Power

When the power goes out and has left you in the dark with no light to turn on and no heat to keep you warm in the dead of winter, what do you do? Some people will wait out the storm and if it is a problem on the utility line side of things, you could be waiting days to weeks before PECO or MET-ED can restore your power. What if there was a way to have continuous backup power in the event a storm comes and blows a transformer? Would you rather wait until who knows when for the utility men to get the job done, OR would you rather have the backup power you need to stay safe and warm? If it were me (the owner’s wife who doesn’t dare to take a cold shower), I would prefer having automatic power kick on when the utility power goes off. In these times, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! I mean, we just had a pandemic in my lifetime for crying out loud. But anyway, in all seriousness….

Whether it be from a fallen tree on a power line or a storm that blew a transformer, your utility company is the one to restore your power if it is a problem on the utility line side; however, KB Electric LLC can help you install a whole house generator before the next power outage occurs. Let’s discuss why a whole home generator, also known as a standby generator, is the perfect option for backup power. We will also discuss what a whole house generator install may entail, and why it’s crucial to hire a licensed and insured electrician for a home generator installation.


whole house generators - installation

Whole House Generator: Generac Installation


What Is A Whole House Generator?

A whole house generator is a source of backup power for when your main power goes out. Simple as that. Once the power from the utility line is cut off due to storm damage, surge, or any other disruption, the whole house generator will kick on automatically so that you can have continuous power. These standby generators work on a natural gas line or propane as its fuel source to keep everything that needs electricity up and running (lights, heat, air conditioning, etc.) Unlike its counterpart (a portable generator), a whole home generator can power everything in your home because of its large power output.


Benefits of Whole House Generators

With a whole house generator, when there is a power outage due to any circumstance you won’t be left in the dark, literally. 

  • Continuous power for everything in your house when the utility power fails.
  • Automatically turns on when the utility power cuts out so you won’t have to lift a finger!
  • Quiet when they run.
  • Reliability: a natural gas line hookup can keep your whole home generator running forever. With a full propane tank, the standby generator can power the house for days to weeks depending on how much electricity you are using.


Who Can Install A Whole Home Generator?

A licensed and insured electrician that has the experience of installing whole home generators will be able to do the job efficiently and properly. Electricians know the ins and outs of wiring everything electrical, understand the updated NEC (National Electrical Code) for safety and compliance, and they have the correct tools and field experience to make such installations safely and correctly for optimal performance.

An electrician will perform the following for your whole home generator installation (and maybe more depending on your specific setup):

  • Installation of new outside-rated transfer switch.
  • Installation of power lines for transfer switch to panel.
  • Hookup of generator switch to new generator.
  • Generator pad for generator unit.
  • Trenching and installation of power lines for generator unit.
  • Installation of PVC conduit.
  • Generator permit and inspection.


Whole House Generator Installation For Collegeville, PA and Pottstown, PA

KB Electric LLC is your number one electrician for whole house generator installation in the Collegeville, PA and Pottstown, PA area. We also serve all of the following counties: Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware, PA. Don’t just trust anyone to get you the backup power you need. Trust the KB team to get the job done right so you won’t be left in the dark! We let our light shine bright 🙂 Call us today to schedule your whole home generator installation! (267) 467-3178