Whole House Surge Protection Type 2: Panel Based Surge Protector

Three years ago we blogged about the type 1 SPD (surge protector device) called a meter base surge protector. Today we are going to talk about the whole house surge protection type 2 which is called a panel based surge protector. It is important for your home to have at least one type of whole home surge protection. It is also now required by the 2020 NEC (National Electrical Code) that all residential service upgrades, replacements, and new service installations (new construction of homes) have type 1 or type 2 surge protection installed. With that said, let’s get right into what whole house surge protection type 2 is, why it’s important for your home to have this surge protector installed, and who to call to get one installed.




What Is Whole House Surge Protection Type 2?

Whole house surge protection type 2 refers to a SPD that mounts right next to your main electrical panel. Type 2 devices that are installed on your main electrical panel help with absorbing some of the surge from the outside that may leak in from a type 1 SPD (meter based). To recap from one of one of our previous blogs about electrical surges, a surge is an increase of electrical voltage. Extra voltage can damage the wiring that is connected to our appliances inside of your home, and can even fry the appliance itself.



Why Do I Need A Panel Based Surge Protector?

Panel based surge protectors protect the breakers/circuits in your main electrical panel from lightning surges, utility line surges, etc. These circuits as you know are connected to certain appliances, and these appliances/devices can cycle on and off. 80% of surges occur within the home. A panel based surge protector serves as an extra line of protection next to the meter based surge protectors, protecting everything in your home from damage.



KB Electric LLC For Whole House Surge Protector Installation

It’s very important to have a form of defense for your electronics, appliances, devices, etc. in your home. It costs a lot of money to replace these household items. There is an easy solution for surge protection for your home appliances and devices, and it starts with a professional for a type 1 or type 2 surge protector installation. Whether you are in need of type 1 surge protection or type 2 surge protection installation, the master electricians at KB Electric LLC can hook you up! Call us today for exceptional service, quality workmanship, and friendly faces! (267) 467-3178