Why I Love My Under Cabinet Lights: A Post By The Electrician’s Wife

Many of you already know that under cabinet lighting is an extra light source for your kitchen that provides task lighting. I am so glad that my husband installed our under cabinet lights not only for task lighting, but for convenience and energy efficiency. Let me tell you why I love my under cabinet light fixtures, and maybe you’ll be convinced that they are the right lighting type for you!


under cabinet lights


Why I Love My Under Cabinet Lights


  • Flexibility

Some of you may be questioning the flexibility aspect. Here’s what I mean….

Sometimes my husband doesn’t like bright lights on. He’s not a light person, despite him being an electrician. I am a light person. I need to see what I’m doing in bright lighting or I get really upset. Under cabinet lights allow me to do what I need to do in the kitchen as bright as I want them to be, with the general kitchen lighting dimmed down on a dimmer switch. This way, the husband and I are both happy campers. It’s a win-win!

Under cabinet lighting is also a flexible lighting source because it can be used for any type of kitchen. Big or small, if you have cabinets and kitchen counters, under cabinet lights will work for you. 


  • Energy Efficiency

Under cabinet lights provide energy efficiency. They are typically on a low voltage transformer, with the option of LED under cabinet light fixtures. They become even more energy efficient once they are on a dimmer switch, like mine. I can make them as bright or as dim as I need them to be.

Not having under cabinet lights on a dimmer is totally fine too because under cabinet lights are energy efficient as they come for the most part. You can make your kitchen more energy efficient just by using these for certain tasks instead of turning on your general lighting.


  • Aesthetic Appeal

I love when my kitchen is clean, and good looking. What woman doesn’t? The little knick knacks here and there spread out on the counter during each holiday/season, the country style, vintage signs above the sink, the matching kitchen towels hung just right over the oven door…

Okay, so maybe it’s not always like that, but a woman can dream! I’m just happy when the dishes are washed and dried! 

But no seriously, when decorating your kitchen to make it look good, under cabinet lighting makes everything in there pop! The backsplash beams with excitement, the toaster oven shines and shimmers, the new marble countertop is on display for the world to see…you get the picture.

Under cabinet lights give the kitchen aesthetic appeal! That is what I love about them the most!



I could go on all day about the benefits and pros to under cabinet lighting. Not just what I’ve mentioned, but there are different bulb types you can use, different types of fixtures you can use, and they just add more lighting in general to brighten up your kitchen. 

Bottom line: I love my under cabinet lights. They were the best addition to the kitchen thus far. If you want some under cabinet lights added to your kitchen, call my husband! We are a family owned and operated company since 2004. We take pride in our hard work and our passion for helping others with all things electrical. Call us today for under cabinet lighting installation! (267) 467-3178