Why You Should Say Yes To A Free Electrical Inspection By An Electrician

Are you getting some electrical things done to your home or business by a licensed electrician? Maybe it’s troubleshooting an outlet or light fixture, or even getting a chandelier installed. Whatever the case, whenever an electrician asks if you would like an electrical inspection performed on top of the other work, you should ALWAYS SAY YES! It’s a no-brainer. Let’s explain…



What Is An Electrical Inspection Performed By An Electrician?

A licensed electrician like one from KB Electric LLC will perform a free electrical safety inspection on top of any work you get done by us. An electrical inspection is a safety checklist to ensure that your home’s (or business’) indoor electrical system (main electrical panel) and outdoor electrical system are safe and up-to-code.

Here are just a few of the things provided by a KB Electric LLC electrical safety inspection checklist (there are many more, we just won’t list them all):

  • Are all breakers sized correctly?
  • Are there any double tapped breakers?
  • Is there room for additional circuits?
  • Is the main panel free of rust and oxidization?
  • Is there surge protection for the home?
  • ….and a handful of others!


Why You Should Always Say Yes To A Free Electrical Safety Inspection By Your Electrician



Okay, yeah….why wouldn’t you say ‘yes’ to FREE? As we are doing other work in your home or business for you, let us just take a peak around to make sure your electrical system is free of any hazards.

If we point out things that could be done for safety compliance, it doesn’t mean you need it done right then and there that same day. It doesn’t even mean you “need” to get it done at all…it’s just our (a licensed electrician’s) recommendations to keep you and your home/business safe, and up-to-code.

You can look back on the inspection checklist and decide what you would like to do later…or never, and when the time comes for you to sell your home and something does come up during a home inspection, you can then say to yourself, “Ahhhhh…that’s why they asked if I had any double tapped breakers in my main panel.”


We Will Tighten Things Up…Literally

Just like anything else over time, connections can become loose in your main panel. KB will get in your main electrical panel and tighten up any loose connections for you while we are performing the electrical inspection.


Keeps Your Home/Business Up-To-Code

It’s important for your home/business to stay up-to-code for re-sale, safety, and compliance. Period.

The NEC (National Electric Code) changes every so often. Many codes change from time to time, like from the 2011 version to the 2014 version, etc. An example of this:

It is required that all GFCI outlets be installed in specified locations (listed in the 2014 NEC) regardless if they are near a sink or tub (from the previous 2011 code). This changed from the 2011 to 2014 code guidelines, all to protect you from anything electrically hazardous from occurring near any type of moisture. Water and electric don’t mix…duh.


Safety And Prevention!

Making sure that your home/business is up-to-code is a preventative safety measure to ensure that you don’t get hurt, and to ensure your electrical system doesn’t get damaged. An example of this is pointing out something in your panel that has been eroding over time. Once we see this, we can immediately fix it. 

You wouldn’t believe the things we find sometimes when we perform an electrical inspection that might have prevented an electrical fire, like when we find burnt wires in the main electrical panel, improper grounding, no grounding, over-sized breakers…

We also find mistakes from past electricians, or from those non-electricians who try doing it themselves. Something like a double tapped breaker is a huge one, and a huge “no-no”. 


Why Saying Yes To A Free Electrical Safety Inspection Is Best

Let us take a peak because it’s free, it prevents electrical hazards from occurring if we spot something, it keeps your home up-to-code, it keeps you and your family safe, and while we are looking inside your panel, we will tighten up any loose connections we see.

KB Electric LLC will also be able to give you our expert recommendations for anything additional we see that can be installed for added safety (like a whole house surge protector so you don’t fry all of your electronics and appliances again). 

Bottom line: when you get a free inspection performed by KB Electric LLC when we are already there fixing an electrical issue or installing a new Tesla Wall Charger, it makes sense to let us look at your electrical system as a whole for safety and compliance.