Will An Attic Fan Help Cool My Upstairs? Ask The Electrician

KB Electric LLC gets many phone calls for attic fan installations. Because the warmer months are upon us here in Southeastern, PA, we felt the need to blog about the importance of attic fans and the role they play in helping cool down your home. Let’s get started!


What Is An Attic Fan?

Attic fans are fans that help circulate hot air and push it to the outside to keep your attic, roof, and second level of your home cool.


Types of Attic Fans

  • Gable Mount – These attic fans mount onto the gable vent in your attic.

  • Roof Mount – These attic fans mount onto a vented hole on the roof of your attic.


Gable Mount Attic Fan

Gable Mount Attic Fan


Roof Mount Attic Fan

Roof Mount Attic Fan


Which Attic Fan Do I Need: Gable Mount or Roof Mount?

If your home does not have a gable vent, the roof mounted type is a great choice for easier installation. If your home does have a gable vent, then it is simple to install the gable mounted type for your attic. Both the gable and roof mounted attic fans come in two options: solar powered and electric powered. Recently, some brands are also smart-based, meaning you can control your attic’s temperature and humidity as well as fan speed from your smart phone device.


Solar vs. Electric Attic Fans: Which is Better?

We recommend the electric powered vs the solar powered attic fan simply because electric powered attic fans are more powerful and will move more air at a consistent pace. For example, some models of solar attic fans need direct sunlight at all times in order for the fan to operate. If the sun goes in or is blocked for a period of time due to cloud coverage, trees, or when the sun isn’t out, the solar powered attic fan will slow down and eventually stop altogether (when there is zero sunlight hitting it). With an electric powered attic fan, you don’t have to worry about when and where the sun is to remove hot air from your attic. Simple as that. The caveat:

Some models of the solar type do have AC/DC inverters for when the sun is not out and will convert the attic fan’s power to electric; however in general, you’ll get a higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) number with the electric type. CFM measures the amount of exhausted air being pushed out of your attic, and is generally much higher with electric powered attic fans than solar powered attic fans. 


Will An Attic Fan Keep My Upstairs Cooler?

Absolutely! As mentioned before, they aid in pulling the hot air out of your attic and expelling it to the outside. Not only do attic fans keep your upstairs and attic cooler during those hot days, they also:

  • Allow you to save on your electric bill’s cooling costs. (You can save up to 30%!)
  • Help your AC to run less, which can extend the life of your AC system and lower maintenance costs.
  • Expels excess moisture in the attic to preserve the integrity of your roofing structure and shingles, which also extends the life of your roof.


Who Can Install My Attic Fan?

Trust the team at KB Electric LLC for all of your attic fan installation needs. Whether you are on the market for a gable mounted or a roof mounted attic fan, our licensed and insured electricians can install all types of attic fans for a cooler home. KB Electric LLC installs attic fans in Collegeville, PA and Pottstown, PA, as well as the surrounding areas of Montgomery County, PA, Chester County, PA, Berks County, PA, Delaware County, PA and Bucks County, PA. Call us today for a consultation for your new attic fan install! (267) 467-3178