Wiring An Outdoor Shed: Why You Should Hire An Electrician For Your Power

At KB Electric LLC, we recently did a job that involved extensive trenching and pulling wires to get power to a massive residential shed. It reminded us that this job can only be done by a professional if you want it done correctly. Wiring an outdoor shed, depending on your setup, really involves a lot of manpower, electrical knowledge, and time. So why put all of that in your own hands when you can hire a licensed electrician?


wiring an outdoor shed

200amp Whole Service Installation For Residential Shed (power from utility pole)


Why Power My Shed?

Not everyone needs electricity in their shed. It’s more of a convenience factor than anything, as well as a preference depending on what you are using your shed for. If a shed is just for storage and nothing more, there really is no need for wiring an outdoor shed.

On the other hand, more and more people are now using their sheds for workshops. Others just love the convenience of the addition of lighting so they can see what they need to get when it is dark outside, without the need of fumbling a flashlight.

Bottom line: if you are using your shed to power various tools, or want some extra lighting to actually see things more clearly, it’s time to hire a licensed electrician for wiring an outdoor shed.  


Why Hiring An Electrician For Getting Electricity To Your Shed Is Smart


  1. Can Your House Handle The Extra Power for Your Shed? An Electrician Knows

If you plan on using multiple tools in your shed and creating a functional workshop that utilizes things like air compressors, wood cutting tools etc., you may need some extra amperage. A licensed electrician can examine your existing main electrical panel to make sure you have the space needed to run dedicated lines to your shed.

If you don’t have the extra space or amperage, a sub-panel, or even a whole separate service installation, may be needed.

We recently just did a job for a customer who needed a whole 200 amp service installation ran from the utility pole near the street to power his shed. The reason for this is because his main electrical panel to his house was already almost maxed out at 200 amps, and he was planning on creating a sweet workshop in there that housed many different tools and machinery.

Again, this all depends on the use of your shed and how many things you’ll need power for.


  1. We Handle Permits And Inspections When Required

If your local township requires a permit to be pulled, we know what necessary paperwork is needed, leaving you without the headaches and time to fill things out. We also know who to call to get our work inspected, and we can handle the scheduling and phone calls with the inspection agency for you.


  1. We Have The Proper Tools For The Job

Like every professional, we already have the proper tools to get power to your shed. Wiring an outdoor shed requires trenching for the underground wiring. We provide trenchers, along with many other tools and parts necessary so you don’t have to worry about needing the specifics. 


  1. We Know NEC Standards For Safety And Compliance

Does this one even need explanation? Do you know the NEC requirements for wiring a shed? If you aren’t versed in electrical code, you really shouldn’t be playing with wires. Licensed electricians know how to make your shed safe and up to code. Period.


  1. Free Up Your Time By Using An Electrician’s Time

It could take up to a day with a few licensed electricians, depending on how extensive the electrical wiring, to get power to your shed. Imagine how long it could take you to do it alone! With no electrical knowledge at that! Think about how much time you would save by letting us handle it for you.


  1. We Get The Job Done Right The First Time

Finally, we have the knowledge and expertise for wiring an outdoor shed. This means that a licensed electrician will be able to get the job done right the first time. Yes, so cliche for us to end like this. But it really is true.

If you have a licensed electrician like the ones at KB Electric LLC who do this work all the time, it’s very hard for us to mess something up. Mistakes happen because no one is perfect, but hiring an electrician isn’t anything like doing this yourself. If a chance of a mistake at all, it would be making the mistake of wiring your shed yourself without the help from a professional.