Accent Lighting For The Holidays | Interior Lighting For Decorative Displays

We recently added some accent lighting to a customer’s home so she could show off some of her interior holiday decor. It reminded us of how awesome it looked when it was all lit up with just some simple light fixtures. Of course, we had to blog about it to give you ideas for your home’s interior! Let’s take a quick look at our recent job we did to spread some ideas around.


Accent Lighting For The Holidays: Lighting Up With LED Strip Lights

Accent lighting for holiday decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Lighting up things like nativity scenes for Thanksgiving, or your fireplace mantel to show off your Christmas stockings and wreath creates an illuminated display for your family, friends, and guests. 

A simple LED strip light hung above an alcove or fireplace mantel (pictured below) is a cool way to illuminate any decorative displays. 






Accent Lighting For The Holidays: Track Lighting For Wall Art

Want to show off some art pieces that go in theme with the season? Maybe you have a painting you created at one of those Painting With A Twist classes that you only put up once a year, along with that Christmas tree you helped chop down. Whatever it is, track lighting can illuminate creative pieces of wall art that your guests can admire during Christmas Eve dinner. 


Accent Lighting For The Holidays: Recessed Lighting/Spot Lighting Wall Displays

Another idea instead of track lighting for your wall art would be simple recessed can lights, or spot lights. This type of lighting can illuminate an entire wall (wall washing), depending on how many you want installed. Have a lot of holiday decor that needs to be hung? Recessed lighting/spot lighting will help brighten up everything. 


Hire A Licensed Electrician For Interior Accent Lighting For The Holidays

KB Electric LLC can install any type of indoor light fixture you need to make your holiday items shine bright for any holiday! Don’t leave your decorations hung or displayed in the darkness, when they could be in the light! Call us today for any type of interior accent lighting installation! (267) 467-3178