Cost to Rewire A House: How Much Really Is It?

If you are Googling “how much does it cost to rewire a house?”, it’s a good chance you have old wiring such as knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring, and were recommended by some outside party to rewire your home. These two types of electrical wiring not only account for many fire hazards because of their composition, but they are just simply outdated. Today, Romex wiring is the better option because it is made of a better insulation material and copper conductors, both of which are not fire threats compared to that of knob and tube and aluminum wiring. 


Remember: hiring a licensed electrician to rewire your home is the best option, and should really be the only option. Licensed electricians are versed in code, know which permits are needed for the project, and of course, have the experience and knowledge to do it right the first time. Doing a rewire yourself or having an unlicensed electrician rewire your home may result in faulty wiring that could cause fire hazards as well as electric shock. Why is this? Simply because electrical work is something that takes years of hands-on experience to execute correctly and safely. Anyway, back to the price…


To begin with, the cost to rewire a house doesn’t come with just one answer of a flat rate price for everyone. No matter which licensed electrician you go with, the price depends on many factors of your home, along with an electrician’s labor and parts, which also can depend on house factors.


All licensed electricians that serve in the Philadelphia area and the many counties of Southeastern PA will require a permit from your township as well, which also factors in with the cost to rewire a house. With that said, the average price for a whole house rewire can start anywhere from $10,000 and up. “And up” can refer to a price of $30,000 because as mentioned before, it all depends on your home. Yes, it’s not a small expense compared to other home improvements; however, investing in a rewire truly does outweigh the many risks old wiring can pose, since older wiring can’t handle the electrical loads of our many appliances and gadgets in todays homes like they could 50 plus years ago.


cost to rewire a house

Whole House Rewire


cost to rewire a house

Whole House Rewire


Cost Factors of Rewiring A House

  • Size of your home
    • material quantity
  • Ease of access of your home’s old wiring
    • open or closed walls
    • construction of walls
  • Labor
  • Township cost of permit
  • Quality of fittings installed (receptacles, switches, trim etc.)


Signs Your Home May Need to be Rewired

  • Frequent tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Knob and Tube Wiring
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Persistent burning smell, with no identifiable source
  • Discolored outlets and switches
  • Your home was built 50+ years ago


At KB Electric LLC, we know how to get your home rewired correctly, efficiently, and done at a competitive price. Because of the many factors listed above that encompass the cost to rewire a house, one of our licensed electricians will be able to do a walkthrough of your existing wiring to determine the cost for your home’s rewire if it is apparent that one is needed. Always remember: investing in your family’s safety is worth the price. If your house was built more than 50 years ago in the Philadelphia area or surrounding suburbs of Southeastern PA, and the electrical wiring hasn’t been updated, call us for a whole home rewire consultation. Prevention is the key for safety when it comes to electrical fire and shock hazards!