Deck Lighting: Awesome Ideas and Hiring An Electrician

At our new shop location, KB Electric LLC is getting a new deck installed today (yay!). While I was watching the men hard at work, I envisioned so many lighting options that would look awesome with it when it’s all complete. So, here I am, blogging about those awesome deck lighting ideas that we may incorporate with ours, so that you can incorporate them as well with your new or existing deck. Let’s begin!


Why Should I Add Deck Lighting?

First of all, let’s explain why deck lighting is crucial and amazing for any and all decks. 


  • See where you are going at night, and what you are doing at night….duh


  • Creates a space to hang out with family and friends when the sun goes down (this goes a little with the first point too)


  • Added security for your property (when your deck is lit up with the rest of your outdoor lighting around your home, it can deter break-ins/vandalism etc.)


  • Aesthetic appeal (it looks cool)


Deck Lighting Ideas

There are so many different styles and types of fixtures for your deck lights. We won’t go into too much detail with that because it’s a matter of personal preference; however, we will show you an example or two in the deck lighting ideas below.


  • Deck Stair Lights

  • Festoon Lights (String Lights)

  • Recessed/In-Floor Deck Lights

  • Post Cap Lights

  • Deck Rail Lights


Why To Hire a Licensed Electrician

First and foremost, there are many solar lights and wireless lights that can be installed by yourself for decks. We don’t usually recommend these because over a short amount of time, we’ve seen them stop working. If you really want a great lit up deck with quality lighting, we highly recommend getting low voltage LED deck lighting installed by a professional.

Licensed electricians know how to wire everything, they have the field experience and NEC knowledge for safety and compliance, and electricians are licensed and insured….well, we are.

If you want your deck looking sleek, chic, and on point, hire KB Electric LLC for all of your deck lighting needs! (267) 467-3178