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When it’s time for your home or business remodel/renovation, one of the main things to think about for your renovations is electrical remodeling and renovation services. Whether you are adding an addition to your home, remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or completely changing a commercial property to fit your business model, it’s time to hire a licensed and insured professional for electrical services. This means employing a licensed and insured electrician who is experienced in remodels and renovations, like KB Electric LLC.


Electrical Remodeling and Renovation Services – Kitchen Recessed Lighting and Above Counter Fixtures


Electrical Remodeling and Renovation Services We Provide:


Electrical Remodeling and Renovation Services for Gadaleto's Seafood Market in West Chester, PA

Electrical Remodeling and Renovation Services for Gadaleto’s Seafood Market in West Chester, PA


Why It May Be Necessary For Electrical Renovation Services

The list is endless as to why electrical remodel and renovation services will most likely be needed for home or business renovations. Knowing this first will help you with your budget, and know what to expect when hiring professionals. Here are just a few examples…

If you are adding an addition to your home or business, your main electrical panel may not be sufficient enough to handle additional electric capacity. In this case, a main service panel upgrade would be needed. If you are knocking down an office wall that has light switches and outlets on it, you’ll need an electrician to remove or relocate those switches and outlets. 

Upgrading your kitchen to include new appliances and new lighting? If your existing oven/stove range is hardwired, an appliance company will NOT hook up your new one without a new outlet. That’s a job for an electrician, and the appliance company will tell you so.

Did you want new light fixtures above your kitchen island? Or maybe you want new under cabinet lighting….either option is a job for a licensed and insured electrician. 


Why You Should Hire KB Electric LLC For Remodeling and Renovation Electrical Services

Hiring KB Electric LLC is a no-brainer when it comes to the wiring aspect of your home or business renovations. Don’t rely on a general contractor or do it yourself. Trust the master electricians at KB Electric LLC because…

  1. We know everything about wiring….we do it all!
  2. We have the proper tools already on hand on our fully stocked vans. 
  3. We have the knowledge and expertise to recommend different types and styles of ANYTHING to accommodate your home or business’ decor/style/theme.
  4. We are versed in the NEC (National Electric Code) for the most up-to-date safety and compliance standards for your home and business.
  5. We are licensed and insured electricians.
  6. We are drug-tested and background checked!
  7. We have the online reviews to back up our professionalism, hard work, and quality care.
  8. We live to serve the Lord and apply that as best as we can in business practice.


KB Electric LLC Serves All Of Montgomery County, PA And The Following Counties:

  • Berks County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • Delaware County, PA