Pool Heater Installation: Hire A Licensed Electrician

KB Electric LLC gets a lot of phone calls in the Montgomery County, PA area and the surrounding Southeastern, PA area for above ground and in-ground pool wiring jobs. In many cases, this requires our licensed and insured electricians to help install all types of pool heaters. Whether it is for an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, pool heaters should be installed by a licensed professional. Let’s explore what wiring a pool heater may consist of, the benefits of heating your swimming pool, and why it is important to hire a licensed electrician for your pool heater pump.


pool heater installation/hookup

Pool Heater Installation (Disconnect)


What is a Pool Heater?

A pool heater is a unit that heats up your swimming pool’s water. There are two different types of pool heaters: a gas-powered heater and an electric heat pump. Both units aid in warming your pool’s temperature, but in two different ways.


Gas-Powered Heater

A gas-powered pool heater runs on propane or natural gas. The fuel heats up the coils inside of the tank, and then transfers heat to the pool water. 


Electric Heat Pump

An electric heat pump takes the warm air outside (at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit) and sucks it into a pump that warms the pool water. 


Benefits of Heating Your Swimming Pool

  • Keep your pool open longer in the slightly cooler months. 
  • Swim at an optimal temperature independent of the outside weather (which can be a factor if your swimming pool doesnt get direct sunlight throughout the day).


Who Can Install Pool Heaters?

A licensed and insured electrician can hook-up your swimming pool heater, no matter if it is gas powered or an electric pump. An electrician will be able to:

  • Run the appropriate size wire from your main panel or swimming pool panel to a junction box.
  • Run and lay the appropriate size conduit for the wiring.
  • Install a post and weather-rated backboard for a disconnect.
  • Run the appropriate size car flex and wiring from the disconnect to the swimming pool heater.
  • Wire your swimming pool heater.
  • Trench and backfill if needed.
  • Perform other tasks not mentioned that are needed for your specific setup (will vary from job to job).

Electricians know the ins and outs of wiring everything and anything electrical. This is why electricians are the ONLY professionals qualified for wiring and hooking up pool heaters, as well as anything related to wiring electric to swimming pools.


KB Electric LLC For Your Swimming Pool Heater Installation

Whether you have an electric heat pump to heat your swimming pool’s water or a gas powered pool heater, our licensed and master electricians at KB Electric LLC can install/hook-up your pool’s new heater. Our electricians are versed in the NEC (National Electrical Code) to provide safety and compliance for the wiring of your pool’s heater. We have the hands-on experience for over 18 years with swimming pool wiring, with over a combined 35 years in the electrical field. Our team is background checked, drug-tested, uniformed, and highly skilled for providing you quality and dependable work. Call us today for all of your swimming pool wiring needs! (267) 467-3178