Video Doorbell Installation: Pros and Cons & Best Wired Video Doorbells

So you took our advice from a previous blog about replacing your broken doorbell. Or, you are at least thinking about it. Step 1 is saying to yourself: let’s get a new doorbell, or at least, have an electrician come out to see what the problem is with the old one. Step 2 is considering a video doorbell to “keep up with the Joneses”. Yes, that neighbor of yours got a video doorbell installation by a licensed electrician last week. He came over, broke out his iPhone, and showed you his smart doorbell app, showing a deer on his front doorstep at 2am. “Looked pretty cool”, you thought to yourself. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting a wired video doorbell installation, and which ones are top rated online.


wired video doorbell installation


Wired Video Doorbell Installation Pros

If you have existing low-voltage doorbell wiring, it’s a no-brainer to choose a wired video doorbell. Here’s why:

  • Always Know Who’s At The Door Before You Open It

Tired of solicitors? With video doorbells, you can sit back and relax anywhere in your home when the doorbell rings, instead of running to the door (and wondering who it could be). Simply look at your smartphone to see who’s at the door to see if it’s worth answering.

  • Continual Power With Wired Installation

As opposed to battery powered video doorbells (wireless), hardwired video doorbells won’t lose power (unless your house loses power in a storm or something). No worries about battery replacements or recharging batteries!

  • Security Monitoring

As opposed to traditional doorbells, video doorbells act as a security camera. You can know who’s at the door, and who’s been at your door from far away places if you aren’t home etc. Many of these video doorbell systems have options for recording and playback at additional costs in a cloud-like place. Easily see who’s been at your house if packages go missing, or other security related issues come up.

  • Smartphone Compatibility

You know what a regular doorbell can’t do? Hook up to your smartphone! View visitors and unwanted guests from your iPhone or Android device from wherever you are in your home!

  • Advanced Motion Detection

I know traditional doorbells don’t come with motion sensing. With the newer models of the hardwired video doorbells, you can get better motion detection, which also cancels out moving objects like tree branches.

For example: the Ring Video Doorbell Pro uses something called video analysis rather than infrared that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 uses. Both have motion sensing capabilities, but the solely hardwired Ring Pro has better technology with also better customization.


Wired Video Doorbell Installation Cons


  • Traditional Doorbells With No Video Are Less Expensive

Obviously traditional doorbells with no video capabilities are going to cost less money. Similarly, wireless video doorbells will be less money than hardwired, but not by too much.

  • Not As Easy To Install Yourself

Unlike a wireless video doorbell, hardwired video doorbells involve wiring and take more time to install. You will probably do best by hiring a licensed electrician to install a hardwired video doorbell. Simply because they know how to do everything involving electrical wiring. 

If you don’t have existing low-voltage doorbell wiring, than this is also where an electrician would be needed. 

  • Fixed Location When Utilizing Existing Low-Voltage Wiring

Compared to the wireless video doorbell systems, hardwired are fixed and can’t be easily movable. With that said though, once you have your wired video doorbell placed, it really doesn’t need to be moved. The convenience of its counterpart (the wireless) is that it can be located anywhere.


Most Popular Wired Video Doorbells

In no particular order…


Hire A Licensed Electrician For Wired Video Doorbell Installation

Ready to commit to a wired video doorbell system? Hire a licensed professional for proper installation. Licensed and insured electricians like KB Electric LLC can perform video doorbell installations for any type of home, and can install any type of smart doorbell system. We have the proper knowledge of electrical wiring, field experience, and the proper tools to get the job done right the first time! Call us today! (267) 467-3178